Trump’s staunchest allies see third-party candidates as his path to victory over Biden

Former President Donald Trump’s allies are seeking to bolster support for third-party candidates, particularly Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in an effort to draw voters away from President Joe Biden.  Marketing Kennedy as a “champion for choice” for abortion and an environmental activist, Trump allies plan to highlight to Democrats that they have another choice on […]

No Labels Pulls Plug On Third-Party Presidential Bid

The centrist group No Labels announced on Thursday it is ditching its proposed third-party presidential run for 2024. No Labels decided on March 8 that it would be running a “Unity Ticket” after roughly a year of floating such a bid, and announced the following week it would start its candidate vetting process. The group […]

No Labels plots 2024 backup plan after failing to field third-party ticket

The centrist group No Labels is redirecting its political plans for the 2024 election after it abandoned a third-party ticket. Leaders of No Labels hosted a Zoom call Friday afternoon with more than 1,000 delegates, just one day after the group ended its efforts to launch a unity ticket to challenge President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump […]

Moderate Group Pulls Plug on Third-Party Bid in 2024

According to reports, No Labels aimed to provide a “launching pad” for moderate candidates in the 2024 presidential election in case voters were dissatisfied with candidates from the two major parties. It is reported that efforts to put together tickets for the presidential election will be ended. of wall street journal Ken Thomas and Christina […]

No luck for No Labels as centrist group tries to launch third-party presidential ticket

It’s been a tough week for No Labels, an influential centrist group that has been working for more than a year to launch a bipartisan, third-party 2024 presidential ticket. Hours after former New Jersey governor and two-time Republican White House candidate Chris Christie announced he would not join No Labels’ so-called “unity” ticket, its most […]

No thanks, No Labels: All the names who snubbed third-party offers

No Labels had another high-profile recruit turn down their offer to be at the top of a presidential ticket as the third-party organization continues to search for a candidate in 2024. The centrist political party believes that the rematch of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump gives it a golden opportunity to mount […]

Biden narrowly leads Trump, trails when third-party candidates factored in: Poll

A new national poll shows President Biden narrowly leading former President Trump, but the survey found that Trump benefits from the inclusion of independent and third-party candidates. a Quinnipiac University PollIn a head-to-head contest between prospective candidates from the major parties, Mr. Biden had an approval rating of 48%, compared to 45% for Mr. Trump, […]