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State laws are thwarting HHS efforts to improve LGBTQ health

To foster a healthier future for all Americans, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Healthy People 2030This ambitious and important plan outlines a key goal: “Build a healthier future for all.” However, recent legislation has changed “all” to “all except LGBTQ,” making it impossible for HHS to achieve its goal. At its core, […]

New Hampshire man, former bouncer, awarded for thwarting attack on passenger flight

A flight passenger who helped confront a man who tried to stab a flight attendant with a broken metal spoon was commended Friday by his hometown police department in New Hampshire. Jeff Neal, a former bouncer who now works for a software company, received the “citizen’s award” for his actions earlier this month. At a […]

Biden admin rolls out cybersecurity strategy aimed at thwarting ‘borderless’ cyber threats, ransomware

The Biden administration on Thursday rolled out a national cybersecurity strategy aimed at protecting the country’s critical infrastructure from a “complex” cross-border and “borderless” cyber threat environment. Officials said the U.S. will “rethink” cyberspace as a tool to “achieve its goals in a way that reflects our values…and our diverse society.” ” The strategy aims […]

Mexican Cartel Gunmen Kill Waiter for Thwarting Prior Grenade Attack

Last week, a waiter at a Mexican restaurant who disarmed a cartel gunman during a grenade attack was killed in retaliation after prosecutors refused to press charges against the attacker. The attack took place at the Mariscos Puerto de Veracruz seafood restaurant in Colima. On the day of the first attack, cartel militants arrived at […]