Supreme Court won’t hear case of woman ticketed for honking horn

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled whether states can ticket drivers who honk their horns after a California woman argued that using car horns is protected speech under the First Amendment. refused to hear the case. in Brief order issued on Monday In the morning, the Supreme Court declined to hear the case without comment. […]

Chicago-area reporter ticketed for asking too many questions

Illinois reporter Hank Sanders was ticketed for asking too many questions. Calumet city officials said Sanders, a Daily Southtown reporter, violated local ordinances by repeatedly asking public officials to comment on serious local flooding issues. Three notices sent to Sanders list the alleged violation as “obstruction/obstruction of city employees.” The Chicago Tribune reported Friday. Southtown […]

Florida man ticketed for Booty Patrol truck for impersonating law enforcement

A Florida man was chased by police after allegedly impersonating law enforcement in a truck with the words “Loot Patrol” printed on it. Desoto County Sheriff’s Office notified A member of the public in a white Chevrolet Silverado was charged with impersonating a law enforcement agency. Police asked the public if anyone had been tricked […]

‘This Is Going to Look Like You Ticketed the Getaway Driver After a Bank Robbery’

During an appearance on FNC’s “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday after the announcement of the plea deal for President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, Jonathan Turley, a legal analyst at Fox News and a law professor at George Washington University, said: , warned that perceptions of the agreement were not good. received by many. Considering that imprisonment […]