Billionaire’s Habit of Tipping Off Staff, Girlfriend Lands Him in Court

Joe Louis rides a horse during a company trip to his property in Argentina in 2006. At the foot of a snow-capped mountain on the edge of Lake Escondido in northern Patagonia, Argentina, lies the vast estate of British billionaire Joe Louis. He frequently uses the luxurious mansion to entertain government officials and top-ranking employees […]

Waitress Slams Brittany Mahomes For Not Tipping In Viral Tiktok Post

Tiktok user claims to have had “”Really unpleasant' experience Brittany Mahomes, wife of two-time NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, appears in a Tiktok video. Jessica O'Connor allegedly served an NFL QB's wife and her group in November, she recalled. video. O'Connor said Mahomes was in the area shopping for a wedding dress with his entourage, but […]

Door Dash updates tipping policy after NYC passes minimum wage law

Check out what's being clicked on DoorDash and similar food delivery services are changing their tipping policies. new york city The government's decision to increase the minimum wage for app workers. DoorDash and UberEats refrain from tipping until the food is delivered and no longer offer tips as an optional incentive to encourage faster […]

Mercedes rivals deny tipping FIA regarding investigation into Toto and Susie Wolff

The 2023 F1 season is still largely unknown, but the news never stops. On Tuesday, the sport’s governing body announced that a compliance investigation into Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is underway and that he is suspected of having been provided with confidential information by someone within F1 Management (FOM). issued a statement stating that. […]

‘Stab White People’ Village Attack Could be Tipping Point, Warns Govt

The French government has issued a statement of protest against vigilantism after a teenager was killed in the French countryside by a group of people who allegedly shouted “stab the white man”. Representatives of the French government under Emmanuel Macron are currently visiting the rural area of ​​Creport. More than a week ago, a group […]

Tipping into the danger zone — we need to learn more about climate tipping points

Hardly a day goes by without a popular article explaining the latest scientific research in. Rapid changes in Antarctic glaciers and ice shelvesor the latest research highlighting the possibility Slowdown of the ocean circulation system It warms eastern North America and Europe. References to such tipping points are now so commonplace that it is easy […]

Not tipping driver may see longer wait for food

Hungry customers who choose not to tip delivery workers could face longer waits for DoorDash orders, the company said. In a special pop-up alert to customers this week, the food delivery app warned that “Dash customers can choose the order they want,” using the employee’s popular nickname. “The longer it takes for Dashers to accept […]

Have you been tipping on the wrong amount at restaurants?

(NEXSTAR) – Are you a pre-tax tipster or do you use the total bill amount to calculate tips? Most people have a knack for mental math (or a cell phone) to calculate tips But diners are divided over whether the amount on the bill actually merits a tip. Some argue that state and local taxes […]

Americans can’t stop tipping despite ’emotional blackmail’ at self-checkout — tips are up over 10%-15% nationally

American consumers report feeling “tipping fatigue” and “emotional blackmail” at checkout. However, the chips are leaning steadily across the board. Consumer stress due to high inflation rates and rising costs of living is reflected across reports of “tipping fatigue,” but that hasn’t stopped customers from tipping more frequently. According to the POS platform toastIn Q4 […]


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