School districts increase surveillance measures with AI-powered gun detection tool

More than 100 schools across the country are partnering with a software company to deploy an artificial intelligence-powered firearm detection tool in hopes of preventing active shooter incidents before or shortly after an incident occurs. Founded in 2018 by a team of military veterans, ZeroEyes is “a proactive, human-verified visual solution that integrates with existing […]

NewsGuard sells ‘misinformation’ detection tool to Microsoft, other private firms after receiving taxpayer-funded grant

NewsGuard, a for-profit company that provides “credibility ratings” to news websites,Fingerprints of misinformation” The tool was made available to Microsoft and other private companies after winning a grant from the federal government to develop the technology. The company developed a rating system that ranks different media outlets based on nine criteria for being “apolitical,” providing […]

New tool shows why property taxes increased in Cook County – NBC Chicago

About 81% of Cook County residents experienced an increase in their property taxes, while 17% had their taxes reduced and 2% had the same bill, according to the Cook County Treasurer’s Office. Chicago’s northwest suburbs were the hardest hit, with some areas seeing an average increase of 15%. In the most extreme case, single-family homes […]

YouTube’s new AI tool creates music with vocals of popular artists

YouTube has unveiled a new AI tool that generates music tracks sung by popular artists like John Legend and Demi Lovato, but some critics say it’s a new technology that robs music of its “human spark.” criticized as. As of Thursday, creators in the U.S. will be able to access an AI tool called “Dream […]

Biden administration grapples with deadline to renew anti-terrorism spy tool

The Biden administration has less than two months to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Espionage planning is essential to prevent terrorism and thwart cyber attacks. The tool would allow U.S. intelligence agencies to collect communications of foreign nationals abroad without a warrant if they pose a national security threat. Opponents of […]

Data ‘poisoning’ tool allows artists to corrupt AI models trained with unlicensed images

New data “poisoning” tools allow artists to combat generative artificial intelligence systems trained on unauthorized work by corrupting images. tool, Solanaceaewas created to help artists protect their own work from AI companies trying to train models with unlicensed images. Nightshade allows artists to change pixels in their art before uploading the image online. Small changes […]

Ford introducing in-vehicle customer feedback tool

Stanton, Tenn. Mayor Alan Starbinski talks about the steps he’s taking to address infrastructure ahead of completion on “The Bottom Line.” Ford is introducing a new feature to its vehicles that will allow customers to provide instant feedback to the Michigan-based automaker. The company has added the feature, called “Record Feedback,” to about 300,000 vehicles […]

Carpenter sues power tool company after nail fired into the base of his skull

A California carpenter suffered severe injuries at a construction site when a power tool penetrated his tongue and drove a nail into his skull. The carpenter is currently suing the manufacturer, claiming the equipment was defective. On November 15, 2021, in the Bay Area, 28-year-old Timothy Kuali’i Kahae was using a Hitachi pneumatic nailer to […]