Minnesota couple trapped in Brazil after giving birth to son

A Minnesota couple is in the midst of a “bureaucratic nightmare” during their months-long stay in Brazil after being unable to return to the United States due to administrative issues regarding their newborn son. There’s only one step left before we can leave. Chris and Sheri Phillips, of Cambridge, 80 miles north of Minneapolis, traveled […]

Anti-Israel Mob ‘Trapped’ Peter Thiel at Cambridge Union

Radical Palestinian activists disrupted Peter Thiel’s meeting on Wednesday, then “locked” the American tech entrepreneur inside Cambridge Union and facilitated “genocide” by making deals with the Israeli military He was accused of doing so. Thiel, co-founder of Palantir Technologies, which supplies technology to PayPal and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was suspended from a debate […]

Peter Thiel was trapped at Cambridge University by anti-Israel protesters

Peter Thiel reportedly left a debate at Britain’s Cambridge University on Wednesday after a crowd of anti-Israel supporters refused to let him leave after he was accused of aiding and abetting “genocide” in Gaza. They were reportedly trapped inside the hall for about an hour. Mr. Thiel, 56, co-founder and chairman of Palantir, a software […]

2 workers confirmed dead, 53 still trapped after South Africa building collapse

Two workers are confirmed dead and 53 people remain trapped after an apartment complex under construction in George, South Africa, collapses. There were 75 workers on site when the collapse was reported just after 2pm on Monday. The cause of the collapse has not yet been reported and is under investigation. A high-rise apartment building […]

40 workers trapped after building under construction collapses in South Africa

A building under construction in George, South Africa collapses, causing multiple injuries. At least 59 people were trapped under the rubble, 10 were rescued and five were seriously injured. The collapse occurred in the coastal city about 400 miles east of Cape Town. A high-rise apartment building under construction collapsed on Monday in South Africa’s […]

Off-duty firefighter saves man trapped in flaming car in Brooklyn

An FDNY lieutenant was called into action early Saturday morning in Brooklyn when he and his wife came upon a car engulfed in flames, with the driver trapped inside. According to FDNY Lt. Richard Cannon, the couple was driving home from a friend’s house in Staten Island to Breezy Point around 3 a.m. with their […]