Luxury Airline Announced To Make Traveling Easier For Dogs

BARK-Air, a new luxury airline, was announced Thursday and intends to make air travel easier for dogs. BARK, a “dog-centric company,” is known for providing pups with treats, food, toys and care, according to a press release. They have since embarked on a new campaign: air travel. “Traveling long distances with a dog is a […]

US Considers Easing Warnings For Americans Traveling To China

A U.S. official said the United States is considering relaxing its recommendations against traveling to China for its citizens. Washington: Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said Tuesday that the United States is considering relaxing its advisory for its citizens against traveling to China, citing concerns that the warning may have curtailed interactions between Americans […]

This One Thing Guarantees Safer Traveling in 2024

The following content is The Wellness Company. Travel is an essential part of our daily lives and includes various modes of transportation such as road trips, air travel, and cruises. While it offers excitement and adventure, it also comes with potential risks, from hiking accidents to accidental injuries and unexpected car breakdowns. Traveling can challenge […]

State Department warns those traveling to Bahamas over high crime rate

The State Department is warning travelers to the Bahamas about the high crime rate in the country. “The majority of crimes occur on New Providence Island (Nassau) and Grand Bahama Island (Freeport),” according to the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs. Said in Friday's travel advisory. “In Nassau, vigilance has been increased in the 'Over […]

5 malware mistakes most people make while traveling and trying to charge

What about the airport? crazy. weather? unpredictable. Traveling is hard enough…and your phone breaks. Charging kiosks located at airports, hotels, and shopping malls can save you a lot of time. The owner promises it's safe, but the FBI doesn't agree, and neither do I. Welcome to the latest phase of juice jacking. This phenomenon has […]