Trudeau Gov’t Acknowledges Inviting Ukrainian Nazi to Zelensky Event

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been accused of lying to the public over his government’s claim that it did not know a Ukrainian man who fought for the Nazis had been invited to parliament. It’s now clear that Prime Minister Trudeau’s office didn’t just know. Waffen-SS soldiers were scheduled to attend, but had also […]

Trudeau exposed for inviting Ukrainian-Nazi veteran

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was exposed for inviting a man who fought in the Nazi forces in World War II to Parliament. Previously, this was thought to be a mistake by the Speaker of the House, who resigned in the wake of the debacle. In September 2023, Canada’s parliament faced international humiliation when it gave […]

Canada preparing for ‘uncertainty’ of possible Trump term, Trudeau says

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that his government is preparing for the “uncertainty” that former President Trump's hypothetical second term would bring to Canada's alliance with the United States. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet met at a retreat in Montreal to discuss and prepare a strategy for Trump's return to office in the […]

Trudeau mocked after crack down on wood ovens at pizzerias

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been ridiculed for missing the mark on his party's priorities after the federal government instituted compliance inspections of restaurants that use wood-fired ovens. Prime Minister Trudeau's Liberal Party has launched ominous-sounding “compliance drives” on businesses such as pizzerias and bagel shops to determine whether restaurants are complying with emissions […]

Justin Trudeau Installs Taxpayer-Funded Tampon Dispensers in Canadian Men’s Bathrooms

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly did a good job In the week leading up to Christmas, we delivered on our May 2023 promise to install feminine hygiene dispensers in men's bathrooms. Former Canadian senator Linda Frum was outraged that Canadian taxpayers were being forced to support transgender ideology. At a time when only women […]

Trudeau warns that Trump will thwart climate alarmist initiatives

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slammed former President Donald Trump in an interview Friday, saying that if the Republican front-runner wins the 2024 election, he will thwart the grand plans of those concerned about climate change. I warned you. Trudeau has long used President Trump as a foil, but the apparent need to present a […]


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