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Arizona woman found dead in trunk of car in California, estranged boyfriend arrested

An Arizona man was arrested after his girlfriend’s body was found in the trunk of a car in Southern California Monday night, police said. The Holbrook, Arizona Police Department on Tuesday identified the woman as Christy Lynn Romero, 54. Her estranged boyfriend, Richard Paul Rodriguez, 34, also of Holbrook, was arrested. Romero’s family called authorities […]

Actor Jefferson Machado found dead in trunk buried at Rio home

Melodrama actor Jefferson Machado, who disappeared nearly five months ago, has been found dead in a trunk outside his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The actor’s death was confirmed by his family friend Cintia Hirsendeger on her own Instagram page. “It is with great regret that we inform you that Jeff was found dead […]

Elephant Teaches Herself to Peel Banana with Trunk

The elephants at the Berlin Zoo have made a big impression on everyone thanks to their enjoying their snack time. An Asian elephant named Pang Pha taught himself how to peel bananas. catch? She uses only trunks to do so. new york post report Thursday. But when it comes to that particular snack, she’s pretty […]

Car wash worker shocked as ‘kidnap victim’ found bound, gagged in trunk

It was a dirty trick! UK builder merchant manager Gary Stephenson, 38, wanted to welcome his new neighborhood car wash business in an unforgettable way. So he called in his friend Chris Peacock, 32, to give him the performance of a lifetime. Videos posted last month On TikTok, a nearly naked Peacock shows a car […]

63-year-old kidnap victim escapes trunk after car crashes into Seattle home

Beaten, tied up and forced into the trunk of his car, the kidnapper barely escaped after the kidnapper crashed the car into a residence. seattle police Early Thursday morning, we received multiple calls that a car had crashed into a home in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood, setting it on fire. “After hearing a shriek, I heard […]