Trump Is a ‘Despicable Person’ Who Can’t Be Trusted with the Nuclear Codes

Joy Behar told her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump is a “scumbag” who shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear regulations. Discussing the details of adult film star Stormy Daniels’ testimony in a New York business records lawsuit, Mr. Behar said: “The important thing for me is that he wasn’t […]

Gutfeld: The legacy media is less trusted than week-old tuna salad

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. Yesterday, Politico published an article mourning the death of an arrogant figure in journalism. Author Jac Schaefer laments that “hurt, limping and doubting its future, American journalism seems to be losing the quality that has stood the test of time for a century and a half: arrogance.” […]

Meta AI is free, but it cannot be trusted: Report

Meta recently released Llama 3, a large-scale language model that powers Meta AI, a chatbot implemented in several of the company’s social media apps. However, some in the technology industry have pointed out that, unfortunately, it reflects the quality of artificial intelligence bots and is therefore free to use. tech crunch report Chatbots “tend to […]

SEAN HANNIY: President Joe Biden is a liar, not to be trusted

FOX News host Sean Hannity blasted President Biden’s “hostility toward religion” on “Hannity” Monday over Easter weekend. D.C. Archbishop Jabs Biden “picks and chooses” “political advantage” as “cafeteria Catholic” Sean Hannity: tonight like this joe biden Things continue to deteriorate before our eyes, but one thing remains the same. The president – well, there’s no […]

Nigel Farage’s Reform is Now More Trusted Than Tories on Immigration

British people are dissatisfied with the government’s handling of immigration, with the majority saying the number of legal and illegal immigrants should be reduced. The Reform Britain Party said parties opposed to the “immigration epidemic” are gaining support as British politics realigns, the party’s deputy leader told Breitbart London following the new figures. An Ipsos […]

Trump endorses Boebert: a ‘trusted America First Fighter’

Former President Trump has expressed support for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), calling the controversial lawmaker a “credible America First fighter.” President Trump said Boebert is a “proven conservative” and a leader who is committed to serving Colorado voters. “She is committed to impeaching Joe Biden, stopping illegal immigration, defending the Second Amendment, protecting our great […]

Nearly 70% of Americans are reviewing their insurance policy, looking for lower rates: Trusted Choice

Many Americans are reviewing their insurance policies and considering switching insurance companies because most insurance policies have become too expensive. (iStock) With the cost of everything rising, including insurance, Americans are seriously reviewing their insurance policies in hopes of securing lower premiums. Approximately 7 in 10 (69.3%) insured persons have started reviewing their insurance policies. […]