Ukrainians wipe out entire column of Russian tanks

Columns of Russian tanks and armored fighting vehicles were systematically destroyed by Ukrainian Marines armed with portable missile launchers in the Donetsk region. 2 minute videoset to a headbanging Ukrainian rap song, has been viewed nearly 159,000 times on Twitter as of Friday. At least seven Russian armored personnel carriers and tanks move in a […]

Ukrainians Blow Bridges Out of Bakhmut, Russians Now in the Streets

KHROMOVE, Ukraine (AP) — Pressure from the Russian military turned on the crouching Ukrainians in Bakhmut on Saturday. Residents attempted to flee with the help of troops that Western analysts say may be preparing to withdraw from key eastern strongholds. A woman was killed and two men were seriously injured in shelling while trying to […]

Ukrainians flee Bakhmut as Russian forces move to take city

On Saturday, Ukrainian forces and civilians escaped Bakhmut’s “hell on earth” as Russian forces neared the capture of the battered eastern city, seen as key to Moscow’s eastward advance. At least one woman was killed and two men seriously injured in a Russian airstrike. try to cross the makeshift bridge From Bakhmut, which has been […]

ICC Must Investigate Russians for War Crimes — and Ukrainians, If Warranted

The US government is now officially denouncing Russia’s war crimes. President Joe Biden Declared Last week, in a speech in Warsaw, Poland, he said Russia had committed “crimes against humanity.” While his announcement has no legal implications, it could prompt the International Criminal Court (ICC) to act more aggressively. As a matter of international law, […]