Keir Starmer’s Journey From A Human Rights Lawyer To UK’s Next Likely PM

Keir Starmer grew up in a small semi-detached house on the outskirts of London. London: Keir Starmer, leader of the UK Labour Party, is a former human rights lawyer turned prosecutor whose ruthless ambition and incredible work ethic seem set to land him Britain’s highest political job. The 61-year-old Hardie, whose unusual first name was […]

UK’s Conservative Party Pitches For Mandatory National Service At 18

Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party is lagging far behind Labour in the opinion polls. British Chancellor Rishi Sunak said on Sunday that if his Conservative party wins the July 4 general election, he will introduce compulsory national service for 18-year-olds, including joining the military or community. Mr Sunak said young people would be able to choose […]

Pink E-Rickshaw Driver From Uttar Pradesh Wins UK’s Royal Award

After receiving her award in London, Arti met King Charles III at Buckingham Palace. London: The 18-year-old rickshaw driver from a village in Baharaich district of Uttar Pradesh is ecstatic to meet King Charles III at Buckingham Palace after receiving the prestigious Women Empowerment Award in London this week. Arti met the 75-year-old monarch on […]

All You Need To Know About Main Players In UK’s General Elections

Rishi Sunak succeeded Liz Truss, who was ousted after just 49 days in office. (File) London: Britain goes to the polls on July 4 in a long-awaited general election called by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Wednesday. The main players in the national vote are: Rishi Sunak Mr Sunak, 44, was appointed leader of the Conservative […]

UK’s Cameron discussed Ukraine-Russia peace deal with Trump: report

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has reportedly discussed the possibility of a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia with former President Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate. Prime Minister Cameron met with President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago, Fla., residence last month, and Trump said new U.S. aid would help keep Ukraine on the front lines, […]

Ministers consider making UK’s carbon targets easier to meet | Greenhouse gas emissions

Ministers are considering plans to weaken Britain’s carbon reduction plans by allowing unused portions of the last carbon budget to be rolled over into the next. This would go against the strong recommendations of the Government’s statutory climate adviser, the Committee on Climate Change. But it will make it easier to achieve your next goal. […]

It’s time to end the UK’s divisions: Labour is for everyone | Keir Starmer

RIshi Sunak may have been scared to put his name on the ballot paper this week, but voters sent him a clear message in the local election anyway. People across the country voted for change, from the manufacturing hub of Derby to industrial Redditch and Thurrock in Essex. In Aldershot, home to the British military, […]

UK’s Climate Action Plan Unlawfully “Vague”, Rules High Court

The plan outlines how the UK will meet the country’s so-called carbon budget targets. London: The High Court ruled on Friday that the UK government acted unlawfully when it approved elements of a plan to reach its net zero target based on “vague and unquantified” information. It is the second time in two years that […]

UK’s National Health Service Constitution to Declare ‘Sex is Biological’

In a striking rejection of transgender ideology and a win for women’s rights activists, the UK National Health Service’s constitution states that sex is a biological reality and that patients must be informed how they are treated. It will be declared publicly. Another major pillar of Wokist medical thought, that sex is a fluid concept, […]