US death toll in Hamas terror attack rises to 29, 16 unaccounted for: State Department

The State Department announced Saturday that 29 Americans were killed by Hamas terrorists in a brutal attack on southern Israel on October 7, adding two more Americans to the tragic toll. An additional 16 Americans (15 citizens and one lawful permanent resident) remain missing, according to State Department officials. told CNN. “The U.S. government is […]

White House Confirms More than 20 Americans Unaccounted for in Israel

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said at a White House press briefing on Tuesday that at least 20 Americans have been killed in Israel after Saturday’s attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas left more than 1,000 people dead. He admitted that he was missing. “At this point, we believe there are more than 20 […]

Philadelphia sheriff refutes report claiming her office left 185 guns unaccounted for

Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, whose office covers the city and county of Philadelphia, on Thursday disputed a city manager’s report that said her office left 185 guns unaccounted for. Mr. Bilal claimed that Acting City Commissioner Charles Edasheril’s report contained “misleading statements.” Edasheril said the survey was conducted as a follow-up to a 2020 report that […]

1,000-1,100 Individuals Still Unaccounted for in Aftermath of Wildfires

About 1,000 to 1,100 people are still missing due to the Maui wildfires, according to island officials. Recovery efforts are underway on Maui, but county officials clarified On Tuesday, it was announced that at least 1,000 people remain missing at this time. But the good news is that another 1,400 people previously reported missing or […]

As many as 1,100 people unaccounted for in Maui wildfires: FBI

The FBI estimates that up to 1,100 people are still missing in the Maui wildfires that killed more than 100 people and devastated the historic town of Lahaina. Stephen Merrill, the FBI’s special agent in charge of the Honolulu division, said at a news conference Tuesday that between 1,000 and 1,100 people are still missing […]

Officials claimed no one left in partially collapsed apartment building, and it was set for demolition. But loved ones pressured officials, who now confirm 5 unaccounted for, 2 likely trapped.

A six-story apartment building partially collapsed over the weekend in Davenport, Iowa. Demolition is about to begin On Tuesday, despite local residents’ concerns that their missing loved ones were still trapped indoors. Under pressure from locals to conduct additional searches, officials confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday that five people were still missing and […]