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Israeli Spies Went Undercover In Gaza To Find Hostages Captured By Hamas

As morning dawned, the mission began. New Delhi: The Nuseirat refugee camp is located deep inside Palestinian territory, in the middle of the Gaza Strip. In one of the camp’s many marketplaces, Hamas was holding hostage Noa Al-Ghamani, an Israeli woman who was dramatically filmed pleading for her life as she was taken to Gaza. […]

Experts dismiss undercover Alito, Roberts recordings as ‘pretty unexceptional’

Legal experts have said recently released secretly recorded audio of two Supreme Court justices is “not very revealing.” Liberal filmmaker Lauren Windsor recorded Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha Ann Alito, without their permission, at a dinner on June 3. The audio was later published by Rolling Stone magazine. […]

NYC man busted selling cougar head, exotic animal parts to undercover cop

The cat came out of the bag. A Brooklyn man was arrested for selling a stuffed cougar head and other exotic animal parts to an undercover police officer, authorities said, violating wildlife protection laws. Asher Weiss, 26, pleaded guilty Thursday to selling lynx noggins for $900 in the basement of a Borough Park building on […]