Support for Biden crumbling as unfavorable poll numbers continue to roll in

A devastating new poll that received a lot of attention this weekend appears to be fueling fears among some Democrats about President Biden’s ability to reelect next year. This has led some political commentators to sound the alarm, urging the 80-year-old president to withdraw from the 2024 election campaign and hand the baton to a […]

DeSantis Sees Higher Unfavorable Rating than Trump

Former President Donald Trump remains the front-runner in the Republican primary, despite ongoing legal troubles, according to this week’s Morning Consult poll, while Florida Gov. It turned out that he sees a higher unfavorable evaluation than the former president. The survey found that 76% of people, the most look Trump is favorable, but 22% disapprove. […]

Chris Christie Sees Highest Unfavorable Rating in Entire GOP Field 

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the worst-performing candidate in the entire Republican primary field, according to a new Morning Consult survey. This survey is updated weekly and show Former President Donald Trump remains the frontrunner, with 76 percent of potential Republican primary voters viewing him favorably. 23% report an unfavorable view. Florida Governor […]

Hundreds of threatening letters containing white powder sent to GOP lawmakers in states that passed laws unfavorable to LGBT activists

Hundreds of suspicious packages containing white powder and threatening letters were found in three states where Republicans recently passed legislation unpopular with marginal LGBT activists, including laws to protect children from transsexual mutilation and adolescent deprivation. Sent to Republican lawmakers. The latest letter was addressed to Montana House Speaker Matt Regier and was marked with […]

Alito: ‘Legitimate doubts’ Biden admin would have obeyed unfavorable abortion pill ruling 

Justice Samuel Alito opposed the Supreme Court’s order to suspend the enforcement of the mifepristone limit, saying he had “justifiable suspicions” that the Biden administration followed the court’s decision. “Here the government has not dispelled justifiable suspicion that it would even comply with adverse orders in these cases. The High Court on Friday granted requests […]

Most Americans Have an Unfavorable View of Atheists

A Pew Research Center poll found that Americans have a favorable view of most religious groups, but a negative view of atheists. among them poll A Pew survey released March 15 found that nearly a quarter (24%) of Americans view atheists very or somewhat unfavorably, and one in five ( 20%) view atheists very or […]