UC Irvine professor goes on unhinged rant after arrest at encampment

Multiple law enforcement agencies in Southern California cleared an anti-Israel encampment set up at the University of California, Irvine on Wednesday. The occupiers not only set up zones on campus, but also occupied nearby buildings, prompting a massive police response. Police made a number of arrests during the clearing operation, including a tenured professor in […]

Ben Affleck’s ‘unhinged’ Tom Brady roast gets actor slammed online

Ben Affleck’s ‘calm’ rant during Tom Brady’s roast confused people. In a three-hour Netflix special that aired Sunday, Affleck spent nearly six minutes in front of a microphone criticizing fans of the retired football quarterback. One social media user wrote: “Ben Affleck’s nonchalant rant about fans on social media during Tom Brady’s roast was not […]

God’s Misfits grandma Tifany Adams ‘unhinged’: pal

An Oklahoma grandmother accused of masterminding a plot to kill two women over a custody battle over her grandchildren had posted increasingly disturbing messages on her now-dead Facebook page before the killings. Tiffany Adams is “unfettered,” said Leanne Webb, who met Adams at a political event last year and they became friends. “She has a […]

Ryan Reynolds Releases Unhinged Video After Messing Up His Bestie’s Birthday

Ryan Reynolds returned on Sunday with a video of his business partner and best friend Rob McElhenney’s 2nd birthday. Reynolds dressed up as a character from the epic “Deadpool” series, without a mask. cameraexplained that April 14 was McElhenny’s birthday and also the day the Titanic sank in 1912. To celebrate McElhenney’s birthday, Reynolds jokingly […]