New York doubles down on war on gas appliances over opposition from unions

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul released a fiscal year 2025 budget that includes provisions to further curb the state’s reliance on natural gas as part of her administration’s efforts to combat climate change. According to the governor’s office, the governor’s budget proposal includes provisions taken directly from the NY HEAT Act, also known as […]

School Districts, Teachers Unions Kick Off ‘Black Lives Matter’ Week Of Action

Several school districts and teachers unions across the country are gearing up to recognize schools’ annual “Week of Action” promoting “restorative justice” and “trans-affirming,” from February 5th to February 9th. ing. Participating organizations include the Chicago Teachers Union, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Milwaukee Public Schools. “The founders and creators of Black Lives Matter […]

Hungary refuses to embrace European Union’s LGBT activism and migration policies

The European Union wants unity of vision and policy among its remaining member states. To this end, Brussels bureaucrats have sought to quash dissent wherever it appears. This cultural imperialism has proven ineffective against Hungary. Hungary refuses to accept the left-wing orthodoxy of the time, even though it faces severe economic penalties. Prime Minister Viktor […]

Sen. Durbin’s Latest Bill Threatens the Livelihood of Community Banks and Credit Unions

The following content is electronic payment federation. Hard-working Americans have been battling record inflation for years, while the profit margins of giant corporations continue to expand, making it difficult for small businesses on Main Street to keep the lights on. It has become. Currently, these large stores are new This law could compromise the security […]

Video game voice actors protest union’s AI licensing deal

Kevin Mahn, president and chief information officer (CIO) of Hennion & Walsh Asset Management, discusses the tech market amid the artificial intelligence stock boom, the Fed's interest rate cut and his outlook for the market. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) this week announced a deal with an artificial intelligence […]

Ron DeSantis shows how to bring the teachers’ unions to heel

The left wants schools to replace parents and provide children with everything but a decent education. So schools are getting more funding to teach kids about gay porn and invented pronouns while providing every meal for kids, even during the summer. Believe it or not, this cancer is prevalent to varying degrees in nearly every […]

Priests can bless same-sex unions, pope says

Pope Francis on Monday formally authorized priests to bless same-sex unions, marking a significant change from the Vatican's long-standing position on alternative blessings for same-sex couples. The Vatican's announcement follows a letter Francis published in October to two conservative cardinals, in which church leaders said they could study such blessings as long as they were […]

Meta’s Threads now available for European Union’s more than 400 million residents

Vaynermedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk reacts to meta political advertising regulations on 'The Claman Countdown'. meta thread The social media platform officially launched in Europe on Thursday, making the app available to a potential user base of around 448 million European Union residents. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, launched Threads this year as […]


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