Credit card usage is up as inflation continues to rise

65% of Americans are increasing their credit card usage due to rising costs. (iStock) Inflation has been rising steadily in recent years. Consumer Price Index The headline inflation measure, the dollar inflation rate, rose again in March, increasing 0.4% across all categories. The rise in inflation has prompted consumers to turn to credit cards more […]

Teen girls’ stunning smartphone usage revealed in new study

This news is not something that excites the cells. Some teenage girls spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones, and most are likely addicted to social media, an obsession linked to poorer health and well-being. , What a new Finnish study reveals. “Nearly six hours of daily smartphone use and its impact […]

MS Society canned a 90-year-old volunteer over gender pronoun usage. Damage control efforts have not gone well.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society recently canned a 90-year-old volunteer who had worked for the organization for decades for daring to question the organization’s adherence to radical social constructionist practices. The online backlash was swift and severe. various critics doubts expressed Regarding future donations to organizations. Some accused the organization, which locked comments on X […]

IRS to ramp up audits of private jet usage

The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday it is stepping up audits of corporate jets to collect more unpaid taxes as part of a crackdown on wealthy taxpayers. The tax collector’s office plans to conduct 30 to 40 audits of companies and wealthy individuals who may be flying on corporate jets for leisure purposes to reduce […]

Russia On Usage Of Elon Musk’s Starlink Charges

Ukraine says Russian military is using Starlink in parts of Ukraine under control Moscow, Russia: The Kremlin on Monday rejected Ukraine’s claims that Russian troops fighting on the front lines are using Starlink terminals. Kyiv’s GUR military intelligence agency said there was evidence that Starlink internet terminals were being used “systematically” by the Russian military […]

Billy Eppler got ‘singled out’ for phantom IL usage: ex-Met

A former pitcher who played under Billy Eppler is now questioning why the former Mets general manager received “special treatment” for how he used the disabled list. On Friday, Eppler was placed on MLB’s ineligible list for the entire 2024 season for “improper use of the injured list, including intentionally fabricating an injury.” Submission of […]

OG Anunoby not fazed by heavy usage for Knicks: ‘Used to this’

OG Anunoby previously played 56 minutes in triple overtime against the Raptors during the 2021-22 season. As such, he's not too worried about posting huge totals in the last three games in four days against the Knicks. He played 44 minutes against the Magic on Monday, 43 minutes against the Rockets on Wednesday and 43 […]