Vaccine lawsuit against ‘General Hospital’ gets court date

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled to hear a lawsuit against ABC after it was accused of unfairly firing two TV crew members who requested exemptions from the coronavirus vaccine on religious grounds. I put it down. Father-son duo James Wall and Timothy Wall sued ABC in 2021 after they were both fired […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca Sued Over Deaths, Severe Injuries

A nurse fills a syringe with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine at Dobong Healthcare Center in Seoul, South Korea, on February 26, 2021. South Korea today began its coronavirus vaccination program with the AstraZeneca vaccine targeting 785,000 health workers and people under 65 in nursing homes. (Photo provided by Jeon Young Jae Pool/Getty Images) OAN’s Brooke […]

VAERS chart shows a shocking result about Covid vaccine

For a long time, anyone who dared to challenge the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines, including medical professionals and scientists, was censored, silenced, and banished to the realm of rabid anti-vaxxers. But now, as more and more evidence emerges about the reality of the rapidly developed coronavirus vaccines, the tide is turning. The same companies that […]

Global study details potential COVID vaccine side effects

is more than 13.5 billion doses Over the past three years, 500 coronavirus vaccines have been administered around the world. A study published in the journal Vaccine found that small percentage Of the 99 million people vaccinated in the eight countries included in the analysis, those who have experienced higher risk of adverse events. This […]

‘Delusional conspiracy theorist’ accused of killing dad because he got vaccine

According to the indictment, a made-up “paranoid conspiracy theorist” was furious that his parents had gotten the vaccine and beat him to death. Brian McGann Jr., 44, apparently killed his father, Brian McGann Sr., during a rambling 20-minute phone call with a female family friend that began just after 11 p.m. Sunday. This was revealed […]


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