Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Plans Tour to Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will begin a new tour of Latin America next week, including a stop in Cuba before heading to Brazil for the G20 foreign ministers’ meeting, Russia’s state-run TASS news agency said on Wednesday. and plans to visit Venezuela. Lavrov returns to Latin America less than a year after five-day stay […]

Venezuela closes UN human rights office days after detaining lawyer | Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has ordered the local UN human rights office to cease operations and given its staff 72 hours to leave work, accusing it of promoting opposition to the South American country. Foreign Minister Ivan Gil announced the decision at a press conference in Caracas on Thursday. Gil’s announcement came on the heels of […]

FBI fears Venezuela migrant gang members teaming up with MS-13 killers

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Socialists Stone and Beat Opposition with Sticks in Venezuela

Maria Colina Machado, Venezuela’s opposition leader and front-runner for a ban in the yet-to-be-scheduled presidential election against dictator Nicolás Maduro, suffered a socialist mob’s attack on her campaign event on Wednesday. and said he had beaten his supporters “with sticks and stones.” “More than 100 regimes collectivos They attacked with sticks and stones, injuring numerous […]

Los 10 candidatos impopulares que pueden restar votos a la oposición en Venezuela

He supports Venezuela’s national politics and, as a candidate for the presidential election, supports Ganarras’ policies and receives professional support. Traditional single platform, favorite situation, María Colina Machado, to achieve future goals, to achieve future goals, consider future goals and habits of Carific Carlos . De Trianfo. Negotiations will be held to restore the safety […]

How Venezuela Tried — and Failed — to Run a Crypto Scam

CARACAS, Venezuela – Maduro’s government randomly suspended its fraudulent cryptocurrency, the Petro, in January. The “Petro” was one of many failed “brilliant” ideas that the regime imposed on the country in the guise of benefiting the people, but reportedly used it to steal further from the dwindling national treasury. It is said that he did. […]

Venezuela Leader Maria Corina Machado Rejects Possibility Of Substitute Opposition Candidate

Friday’s ruling barred Maria Colina Machado from registering for the presidential election. Caracas: Venezuela’s opposition candidate María Colina Machado moved aside on Monday in favor of an alternate candidate, despite the country’s Supreme Court ruling last week to uphold a ban barring her from holding the presidential office. He said he had no intention of […]

Venezuela Kills Presidential Election After Clinching Sanctions Relief

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro said Thursday that the agreement signed between the socialist government and Venezuela's “opposition” to hold “free and fair” presidential elections in 2024 has been “mortally wounded.” '' and suggested canceling the election. The agreement, signed in Barbados in October through the mediation of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, committed Maduro […]


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