Army Vet Cleans Trash Around Virginia Town ‘This Country Is Worth it’

Richard Baker smokes a pipe and picks up trash on Main Street in the colonial town of Front Royal, Virginia, more than an hour from Washington, DC. “When I first came here, there was trash all over town,” Baker said. “When I finally said I was retiring, the people here were so nice to me […]

Remains of Marine vet killed in Ukraine will be flown to family in NC

The remains of a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who has been missing for more than a year in Ukraine will be returned to his family in eastern North Carolina late Friday, the organization that brings the remains back to the United States said. US veterans killed by Russian forces in Ukraine: report The Turkish Airlines […]

Navy vet professor ‘Dr. Deep Sea’ spends more than 2 months at bottom of Key Largo lagoon, breaking record: ‘The idea here is to populate the world’s oceans’

A retired naval officer and current professor, he just broke the record for underwater life, but doesn’t plan to surface anytime soon. Saturday marks the 74th day Dr. Joseph Dituri, a 55-year-old lecturer in biomedical engineering at the University of South Florida, set a new record for living in a non-pressurized facility.Dituri makes first appearance […]

Out of Africa: Vet groups come to rescue of Afghans on Taliban kill list

First appearance of Fox: U.S. veteran and pastor Jonathan Alkosar told FOX News Digital an 11-week effort to ensure the safety of nearly 20 Afghans who were at risk from the assistance of U.S. soldiers before the war. He said it was “God’s grace” that he was able to return to the United States. withdrawal […]

Army renames Georgia’s Fort Benning after decorated Vietnam vet

The Army renamed Fort Benning, Georgia, to Fort Moore in memory of the late Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, a Vietnam War commander. The base was previously named for Brigadier General Henry L. Benning, an anti-Lincoln secessionist while he was a state Supreme Court judge. Other bases around the country have either recently been renamed or […]

911 timeline moments before Marine vet put Jordan Neely in chokehold on NYC subway

Last week, police were called in after U.S. Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penney suffocated Jordan Neely, who was threatening a passenger with deviant behavior on a New York City subway. Officials said they were inundated with 911 calls. Neely’s tragic May 1 death, caught on cellphone video, has sparked a wave of protests in the […]