GOP lawmaker’s bill would expand DOJ’s genealogy testing for cold case victims

First appearance on Fox: Unsolved crimes place a burden on victims, their families, and police as they try to apprehend criminals when all clues are not available. While the lawsuit remains unresolved, one Republican lawmaker from Pennsylvania is looking to ease some of the burden at the federal level. House Republican Leader Guy Reschenthaler plans […]

Mexican President Wrongly Claimed Mass Murder Victims Were Buying Drugs

Mexico's attorney general has revealed that the five medical students who were kidnapped and murdered by cartel gunmen were not involved in drug trafficking and were simply spending time at a water park. The information contradicts previous claims by Mexico's president, who sought to distract attention from the massacre by claiming the victims were trying […]

Oxford High School shooting victims speak at Michigan hearing ahead of sentencing

Ethan Crumbley, 17, who killed four students at a Michigan high school, will face a sentencing hearing where family members and survivors will speak before a judge decides on sentencing. Because of his age, Crumbley could receive life in prison without parole or a shorter sentence with the possibility of parole. He pleaded guilty to […]