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Polar vortex set to send arctic blast deep into US starting later this week

Dust off your hoodie. After a mild December, a polar vortex is set to send an arctic blast into the United States later this week. “That polar jet is going to be pushed further south, and can you imagine what that's going to do? It's going to open the freezer door,” said FOX Weather meteorologist […]

Polar vortex cold looms as U.S hammered by dangerous winter weather

(NEXSTAR) – After a largely calm end to 2023, a cold jet stream from the polar vortex is expected to descend on parts of the U.S. later this week, resulting in several deaths, heavy snow and tornadoes on Tuesday. This is likely to add to the chaotic January that was reported. . A polar vortex […]

Retirement savings are getting sucked up in a financial vortex: Goldman Sachs

A recent report from Goldman Sachs Asset Management said a “financial vortex” of conflicting responsibilities is derailing the retirement goals of many Americans. (iStock) Although the retirement savings outlook for many Americans has improved, a “financial vortex” of competing spending has reduced retirement savings for U.S. employees by 37%. report Said. On the positive side, […]

Transgender pedophile who subjected his 7-year-old daughter to a ‘vortex of darkness’ sues New Jersey women’s prison for hampering his witchcraft

New Jersey has allowed a 34-year-old man convicted of torturing his 7-year-old daughter and filming a transgender pornographic video to serve 25 years in a women’s prison. The child rapist now claims the women’s institution is unfairly interfering with his satanic rituals. Matthew Waltz filed a lawsuit A lawsuit against Edna Mahan Women’s Correctional Institution […]

Biden tries to suck McConnell ‘into the vortex’ on debt ceiling

President Biden is trying to get Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, into debt-severance negotiations, but McConnell claims McCarthy will be a key figure in the negotiations. McConnell, who negotiated a debt ceiling hike with Vice President Biden in 2011, has repeatedly said that Biden and McCarthy must reach an agreement and will not […]

Polar vortex disruption could mean colder weather for eastern US

As temperatures rise over the North Pole, the polar vortex is becoming turbulent, and as March approaches, weather patterns in the United States and Canada could change dramatically. Simply put, the polar vortex represents a band of strong winds circling the North Pole from about 10 to 30 miles above the ground around 55 degrees […]