Donald Trump Vows to ‘Restore The Sovereign Borders’ of the U.S.

Former President Donald Trump vowed to “restorate America’s sovereign borders” if elected in November. Trump at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin Said He told the crowd that Democrats are “trying to push grandma off a cliff” to allow illegal immigrants in the US to receive welfare, adding that most of the new jobs being created […]

Trump Vows to Keep ‘Radical Left Wing Gender Ideology Away’ from Kids

Former President Donald Trump vowed to “keep radical left-wing gender ideology away from” children during a roundtable discussion in Michigan on Saturday afternoon. “I will keep radical left gender ideology away from our young people,” Trump began, adding, “I will remove men from women’s sports.” “I will keep radical left gender ideology away from young […]

Trump Vows Not to Tax Tips During Roundtable Church Event

During a roundtable discussion at an African-American church in Michigan, former President Donald Trump reaffirmed that his administration “is not going to tax tips.” Trump was speaking to restaurant owners at a roundtable discussion at 180 Church in Detroit on Saturday. stated If elected, he said his administration would “not tax tips” for waiters, waitresses, […]

Harris vows to protect DACA: 'The story of Dreamers is a story of America'

Vice President Harris praised the Biden administration’s efforts to protect recipients of the Deferred Action for Deportation program for young immigrants on Saturday, marking the 12th anniversary of the Obama-era policy. “The story of Dreamers is the story of America. Dreamers across the country serve in our military, teach in our classrooms, and lead small […]

Johnson vows to take Garland contempt case to court after DOJ snub

House Speaker Mike Johnson said Friday that the House will take its contempt case against Attorney General Merrick Garland to court after the Justice Department declined to bring charges. “It is sadly predictable that the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice will not indict Garland for failing to comply with a Congressional subpoena, even as it […]

Labour Party leader vows end to UK politics defined by ‘gestures and gimmicks’

The centre-left politician, who seeks to become British prime minister in three weeks, said on Thursday he would lead a government that was “pro-business and pro-worker” and would restore stability after years of economic and political turmoil. Labour leader Keir Starmer said that if elected on July 4, he would end a “desperate era of […]

Paramount vows to focus on strategic plan after Shari Redstone ends deal talks

Paramount Global executives told employees on Wednesday the company would focus on a new plan to revamp its streaming business, cut costs and sell assets to pay down debt, according to an email seen by Reuters. The message came the day after Paramount’s controlling shareholder Shari Redstone decided to terminate deal negotiations with Skydance Media. […]