Canada opens investigation into deadly OceanGate voyage to Titanic ruins

Canadian government agencies have launched an investigation into the submarine Oceangate Titan and the cargo ship that provided ground support. The Canadian Transportation Safety Board announced Friday that it will investigate the fatalities involving the submersible Titan and the Canadian-flagged vessel Polar Prince. “In accordance with the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act […]

Hamish Harding’s Friend Pulled Out of Titan Voyage

A friend of one of the deceased Titan passengers reportedly stopped sailing because he questioned the “quality of the technology.” while drinking a few beers Millionaire Digital Marketing King, Chris Brown, 61, Hamish Harding Determined to Make a 12,500-Foot Dive to See the Sunken Titanic, US Sun report. The two first met in 2016 while […]

CEO of missing Titanic sub company once downplayed dangers of the voyage

The missing Titan submarine CEO once boasted that his invention “shouldn’t require a lot of skill” to reach the depths of the Titanic using only elevator-like buttons and a video game controller. But even if something went wrong, he insisted. you are still safe “ Oceangate CEO Stockton Rush, one of the five people on […]

Masters of Information Warfare and the Unknown Voyage

Although the terms “disinformation” and “information warfare” were coined long after 1775, the American Founding Fathers fully understood their importance and the importance of controlling the narrative. was On the fateful and bloody morning of April 19, 1775, as the smoke and chaos cleared, the politically savvy Patriot leaders immediately asked the all-important question: “Who […]