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Autonomous trash-gobbling robot boat wages war on waterway waste

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Biden’s Migration Stalls Wages, Cuts Productivity

President Joe Biden’s immigration policies would slow American wage growth to just 1% per year by the early 2030s, according to analysts at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. “The increased supply of workers will put downward pressure on wages, especially for those with 12 or fewer years of education,” the June 18 CBO said. reporttitled […]

Massachusetts Wages Campaign Against Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Massachusetts Democrats have launched a taxpayer-funded campaign to attack pro-life pregnancy centers and promote the killing of unborn children through abortion. “The nuisance actions of anti-abortion centers undermine the trust Americans should have in our health care system,” said Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll. Claimed “Education and accurate information will help counter the misinformation and unethical […]

Waffle House will raise wages for tipped workers amid labor advocacy efforts

See what’s clicking on FoxBusiness.com Popular fast-food chain Waffle House is raising wages for its more than 40,000 employees, a move that comes after a year of persistent pressure from labor unions. Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers III spoke to employees in a video announcement, announcing that starting this month, base wages will rise to […]

Minimum Wages Had a Eugenic Intent

All this talk of a $15 national minimum wage prompted me to revisit the standard textbook on economics of the US Progressive Era. Principles of Economics, by Frank W. Taussig (1917) is a pretty interesting book overall and it does hold up in general as an elucidation of then-existing knowledge and pedagogy. There is one section, however, where […]

Truckers Blockade Roads in Bolivia, Demanding Fair Wages and Fuel Prices

Bolivian truck drivers have blocked some of the country’s main roads for two days to protest against the government of Socialist President Luis Arce, citing ongoing shortages of diesel fuel and foreign currency that are severely affecting truckers’ ability to continue working. Blockade Reportedly The incident began late on Monday night, when truck drivers blocked […]

Defund ICC’s ‘kangaroo court’ as it wages anti-Israel lawfare: Richard Goldberg

The Netherlands-based International Criminal Court on Monday said it is an extremely anti-Semitic and politicized institution that ignores facts and jurisdiction to pursue cases against democratic states defending themselves against terrorism. exposed. U.S. policy should now shift toward pressuring allies to end funding for the kangaroo court and imposing financial sanctions to halt its operations. […]

Chipotle keeping ‘a close eye’ on customer behavior after raising menu prices, wages

Chipotle CFO Jack Hartung answers questions about how to deal with inflationary pressures, the burrito bowl robot and the company’s stock split. Despite signs that Americans still crave their favorite burrito bowls and are willing to pay extra for guacamole, Chipotle is carefully monitoring consumer behavior as labor and menu costs rise. I’m monitoring it. […]

Lobbyists Rake In Record Revenue As Americans Grapple With Declining Wages

Washington, D.C.’s biggest lobbying firms are posting record revenues as Americans feel the heat from falling wages, The Hill reported Friday. The 20 largest lobbying firms in the country collectively brought in over $150 million between January and March as Congress considered spending legislation, foreign aid bills and new tax laws, according to The Hill. […]

American workers want record wages to change jobs, NY Fed finds

DISTILL CEO Neely Tamminga talks about whether the Fed has been restrictive enough in making money to control inflation. new report from new york federal reserve The minimum wage that American workers say they are willing to accept to take a new job hit a record high last month. So-called pending wages averaged $81,822 in […]