Democrat Hilary Franz, Washington’s Public Lands Commissioner, announces run for governor

Washington Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Frantz announced her candidacy for governor on Wednesday. “Washington State faces urgent challenges, from a rapidly changing climate to a statewide housing crisis to a widening income gap that is pushing families out of the middle class,” Franz, a Democrat, said in a statement. “I am making bold strides and […]

Credit card — denied. We must rein in Washington’s out of control spending

The debate rages on in Washington, but most Americans don’t realize it.The debate is not whether to raise the debt ceiling, but how much. The debate is not how quickly to balance the budget, but how much more to spend without fixing Washington’s out-of-control spending. Americans in control of their businesses and households understand what […]

Washington’s Most Influential Newsletters Take Money From TikTok

Washington, D.C.’s most famous newsletter among policymakers ran an ad while TikTok was negotiating with the Biden administration. Two newsletters, Axios AM and Politico Playbook, are read by influential DC figures and feature TikTok ads in their February issue. Axios AM said at the top of Tuesday’s newsletter that he was announced by TikTok, and […]

Washington’s Centennial Elementary backpedals minority-only club after outrage

A Washington elementary school had planned to keep white students out of its new “Safe Space” club, but the backlash forced it to reconsider quarantining fifth graders. Olympia’s Centennial Elementary School kicked off the calendar year with a new “Black, Indigenous, and Colored” student group for grade 5 that only accepts minority students. Email shared […]