Muslim woman gives leftist actress Susan Sarandon a powerful ‘taste’ of reality for weaponizing Muslims at anti-Israel rally

American Muslims made headlines Monday over their treatment of left-wing activist Susan Sarandon. Last Friday, Sarandon joined pro-Palestinian protesters at a demonstration in New York City. She was caught chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Hamas’s rallying cry to celebrate this Extermination of Israel. Additionally, Sarandon seems to be celebrating […]

How OpenAI’s ex-CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft, and Other Controligarchs Are Weaponizing AI to Dominate Your Life and Upend Capitalism

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google (among other giants) are currently unprecedented amount Build large-scale data centers in preparation for the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Collecting data is just the beginning. Controliarchs: Exposing the billionaire class, their secret deals, and the globalist conspiracy to control your life It has become clear that powerful multinational technology companies are […]

Stop weaponizing the Holocaust   | The Hill

Since the outbreak of horrific violence in Israel/Palestine in the aftermath of the October 7 attack by Hamas on the Israeli community surrounding the Gaza Strip, American Jews have come together to share their grief and the legacy of the Holocaust. They have voiced their opposition to using it as a weapon. Last Friday they […]

Professor demands Israel stop ‘weaponizing the Holocaust’ to justify violence

Israel is “weaponizing” the Holocaust to justify “genocide” and “war crimes” against Palestinians, an Israeli academic and professor argued in the Guardian this week. Raz Segal, an Israel expert and associate professor of Holocaust and genocide studies at Stockton University in New Jersey, compared the atrocities against Jews to the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas […]

Russia is ‘weaponizing’ food, energy, abducted children in war on Ukraine Zelensky says in fiery UN speech

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy told world leaders on Tuesday that Russia is “weaponizing” everything from food and energy to kidnapped children in its war against Ukraine. Although there are various agreements around the world restricting weapons themselves, “there are no real restrictions on weaponization,” he told the annual top-level meeting of the United Nations General […]

Biden admin ‘weaponizing’ federal agency to block parents’ efforts at removing ‘pornography’ from schools

Exclusive – As parents struggle to remove pornographic content from their children’s schools, the Biden administration has begun weaponizing federal agencies to combat parental efforts in rural areas under threats of withholding funding, education experts say. The White House announced in June that the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights will begin notifying school […]

Blinken accuses Russia of ‘weaponizing food’ with move to halt Ukraine grain deal

Secretary of State Antony Brinken said on Monday that Russia was “food-weaponizing” Russia after it withdrew from the Black Sea Grains Initiative, which continues to drain food supplies from Ukraine despite the war. condemned. press conferenceBrinken said the deal, brokered by the United Nations and Turkey, was made necessary after Russia invaded Ukraine and blocked […]