Jets’ brutal losses are starting to wear on their young stars

The Jets lost their fourth straight game on Friday, this time to the Dolphins, 34-13. Here I will share some of my impressions and thoughts about the game. 1. The longer you’re around the Jets, the more you start to notice the same things happen over and over again. The most alarming sight I saw […]

My husband doesn’t wear his wedding ring in public

dear abby: I’m 20 years old and recently moved into an apartment with my 19-year-old sister. I thought it was a great idea, because we could see each other more often and it would be more comfortable living together than with strangers. But recently she got a new boyfriend who she always brings along. I […]

My daughter is being bullied because I won’t let her wear makeup to school

When I was 10 years old, my siblings and I would go outside climbing trees and riding our bikes to the playground at the end of the street. I remember wearing hand-me-down clothes that didn’t fit well, given to me by my mother’s friend’s daughter. I cringe when I look at the photos now, but […]

Chris Cuomo Says ABC Wouldn’t Let Anchors Wear American Flag Pin On 9/11

NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo said that when he worked at ABC, the station did not allow anchors to wear American flag pins during 9/11. Chris Cuomo admitted that after 9/11, ABC banned reporters from wearing American flag pins:“We weren’t allowed to say this back then, but it doesn’t matter now… During 9/11, they wouldn’t let […]

Knicks to wear patch from owner James Dolan’s Sphere arena

The Sphere, the Knicks’ corporate sister, will put its logo on the basketball team’s jersey patch this season after owner James Dolan reportedly seeks $30 million a year from outside sponsors. I will put it in. The team is scheduled to debut the sphere patch on Wednesday night when they take to the court at […]