Colorado hiker finds dog missing for 5 weeks in the Rocky Mountains

A dog that ran away from his Colorado home five weeks ago was miraculously found by a hiker who heard a faint whine in the distance in the Rocky Mountains, reports say. A 9-year-old Sheltie named Riley somehow survived over a month in treacherous terrain after being released from her owner’s yard in April. He […]

Tennessee Woman Missing for Weeks While on Road Trip with Boyfriend Found

A Tennessee woman who went missing while driving with her boyfriend weeks ago has been found by authorities. Nicky Alcaraz, 31, was last seen by a family friend on May 6 in Moriarty, New Mexico, Newsweek reports. report. A family friend picked up Alcaraz after police separated him from her boyfriend, Tyler Stratton, two days […]

Nikki Alcaraz and Tyler Stratton missing for weeks

A Tennessee woman went missing after going on a transcontinental road trip with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. The case bears eerie parallels to the high-profile disappearance of Long Islander Gabby Pettit in 2021. Nicky Alcaraz, 33, also known as Nicky Cunningham, traveled in a Jeep with her boyfriend Tyler Stratton and their dog […]

4 kids found alive 2 weeks after plane crashes in Colombian jungle

Four children, including an 11-month-old infant, were found alive in the Colombian jungle more than two weeks after the plane crashed, killing all on board. The miraculous news was delivered by President Gustavo Petro after an exhaustive search by the country’s military, firefighters and civil aviation authorities. The doomed plane crashed into the dense jungle […]

Colombia plane crash: Four child survivors found in Amazon rainforest two weeks later

Pilot strike could threaten summer travel Travel expert Lee Abamonte told Kabuto Live that if travelers want to protect themselves from the threat of a strike, they should avoid booking with Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines and instead choose Delta Air Lines and foreign airlines. I said I should book an airline. Four […]