Ethereum hits $3.7K as whales accumulate, but there’s a problem – AMBCrypto News

The price of Ethereum has risen by more than 25% over the past seven days. Most indicators pointed to a short-term price correction. Ethereum [ETH] Last week, prices recorded a significant increase, climbing well above $3,700. While the token price is gaining bullish momentum and showing signs of high accumulation, the whale has taken an […]

Can Cardano whales help overcome ADA’s 7% drop in value? – AMBCrypto News

The number of ADA whales holding between 100 million and 1 billion coins increased last month. However, ADA prices are still plagued by bearish sentiment. Cardano’s [ADA] According to data, whale activity has rebounded significantly in the last month. Into the Block. According to information from on-chain data providers, the number of ADA whales holding […]

Killer whales attack and sink sailing boat off Gibralter

An unknown number of killer whales rammed a yacht in Moroccan waters in the Strait of Gibraltar on Sunday morning, later causing it to sink. It’s the latest attack in a trend that has terrorized seafarers in the region for the past four years. The latest incident occurred around 9 a.m. when the crew of […]

Japan’s Fisheries Agency seeks to allow commercial catching of fin whales

Japan’s Fisheries Agency has proposed adding fin whales along with three smaller whale species to its commercial whaling program. The proposal comes five years after Japan resumed commercial whaling within its exclusive economic zone. Anti-whaling protests have declined since Japan moved to limited commercial whaling within its coasts. Japan’s Fisheries Agency on Thursday proposed a […]

Over 100 Pilot Whales Stranded On Australian Beach, Likely To Be Euthanised

Pilot whale stranded in Toby’s Inlet on Thursday morning Sydney: Marine biologists raced to save more than 100 pilot whales on Thursday following a mass stranding of pilot whales off Australia’s coast. Officials fear many will be euthanized. Western Australia’s Parks and Wildlife Service has announced that 26 of the pilot whales that were stranded […]

As Ethereum and XRP collapse, whales start to buy: Sign of a bull run? – AMBCrypto News

The supply of Ethereum held by top addresses has increased rapidly. Indicators suggested that buying pressure on XRP is high. The recent market crash has caused the prices of most cryptocurrencies to fall. Ethereum [ETH] and ripple [XRP]. While the value of these tokens declined, whales took advantage of the opportunity to increase their holdings. […]