Damon Young: To Stop White Supremacy, Eliminate Whites

Damon Young, a black writer for The Root, a black-oriented commentary site owned by the same people who own Jezebel, Gizmodo, and The Onion (their parent company is Univision), had this to say at The Root about the Atlanta massage parlor mass murders: I don’t have much to add here today that hasn’t already been said. Whiteness […]

UC Berkeley accused of segregation by allegedly banning whites from community farm

The University of California, Berkeley, is under fire for allegedly banning white residents from using its community farm on Saturdays, in what one commentator decried as “systemic racism.” The university told the Post that the Gill Road Community Farm in nearby Albany had limited its space to “Black, Indigenous, and people of color” on Saturday, […]

How to turn excess egg whites into brown-sugar meringues – recipe | Eggs

aAs a root-to-fruit cook, I like to practice what I call complete consumption, and whenever possible I like to eat the whole ingredient, including roots, skins, stems, leaves, and everything in between. My ultimate goal is to use up all the ingredients in one dish without leaving any by-products. While it’s easy to simply chop […]

Sage Steele and Dana White’s viral exchange over identity

Former ESPN host Sage Steele momentarily mistook UFC president Dana White for another “white bald guy” on his first day back in the spotlight. Steele, who announced his departure from ESPN in August 2023, did so following a lawsuit alleging that Disney and ESPN retaliated against him for his public comments. Steele reportedly voiced her […]

WATCH: Joe Rogan has HAD IT with racism against whites

The radical left has expanded the definition of racism to include anything that is made public, but protections against so-called “hate speech” do not appear to apply to white people. Joe Rogan hasn’t forgotten this double standard either. On a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan told writer James Lindsay, “There’s a lot […]

Microsoft Brags About Paying Minorities More than Whites for the Same Work

Microsoft faced backlash after boasting in a recent diversity report that white employees are paid less than racial minority employees in similar roles. The report boasts that Asian employees earn more than both black and white employees with matching titles, levels, and years of service. microsoft tout The 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report’s Pay Equity […]


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