WILFORD: Nobody Asked For The New IRS Direct File Program

The IRS has made a habit of late of doing whatever it wants, with little regard for legal or constitutional constraints. From its lackadaisical attitude toward its failure to properly safeguard thousands of tax returns to repeated Supreme Court rebukes to half-baked plans to snoop on taxpayers’ bank accounts, the agency is developing a reputation […]

WILFORD: ‘Taxachusetts’ Feels Millionaire Tax Sugar Rush, But The Crash Is Coming

This past tax year marked the first year in which Massachusetts’s new “millionaire tax” — a four percent surtax on income over $1 million earned in the state — hit Massachusetts taxpayers. With the new revenue rolling in, the surtax’s proponents have begun to declare victory over critics who warned that the tax would only […]

WILFORD: State Tax Rule Changes Could Save Headaches Nationwide

Most taxpayers by now have filed their state income tax returns (or, if they haven’t, they should have). While that’s never a fun or convenient process, taxpayers with the misfortune of having income tax nexus in multiple states had it a bit harder than everyone else. Those taxpayers were required to file an income tax […]

JENNINGS & WILFORD: Republican Study Committee Provides Badly Needed Alternative To Biden’s Budget Blowout

Having signed into law a spending package totaling $1.2 trillion, President Biden recently released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2025. Rather than offering the bold leadership required to avert an impending fiscal crisis, Biden’s proposed budget promises more taxes, more debt and more fiscal irresponsibility. Fortunately for taxpayers, there’s another blueprint available that makes […]

WILFORD: SALT Advocates’ Latest Unconvincing Angle

A small but vocal group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives continues to push for higher limits on state and local tax (SALT) deductions. However, the only changes to the SALT deduction that should be discussed should be reductions, not increases. The SALT deduction allows taxpayers to deduct certain taxes paid to state and […]

WILFORD: Americans Continue To Have Worryingly Bad Ideas About Price Controls

It's comforting to imagine that a terrible idea will be tossed into the dustbin of history after it proves to be terrible. Unfortunately, the willingness of many Americans to embrace price controls as a solution to inflation proves that this is not the case. Inflation is It's gotten noticeably cooler lately.But many Americans still see […]

WILFORD: Why Do We Still Have Government Shutdowns?

Congress is leaning toward another government shutdown, with funding from a previously passed seven-week stopgap measure set to expire on Nov. 17. By this point, taxpayers are understandably fed up with the annual brinkmanship, with every spending fight looming over the threat of a government shutdown. . That begs the question of why Congress functions […]

WILFORD: You’re Paying For Pensions Of Convicted Public Servants, But We Can Change That

With the national debt reaching $33 trillion and the threat of another government shutdown looming, taxpayers have unfortunately grown accustomed to Washington operating by a different set of rules than their own. There is. But while our representatives’ carefree attitude in protecting taxpayers’ money is well known, taxpayers may not realize that they continue to […]

WILFORD: IRS “Free File” Program Would Let The Fox Into The Henhouse

It always felt maddening having to pay to help the IRS get rooted in your pocket. So the IRS having a “free” direct file program might sound like a good deal at first glance. But taxpayers should be more careful about letting foxes into chicken coops. The IRS recently announced that: Plans to launch pilot […]

WILFORD: The IRS Wants To Remove Safeguards Standing Between Agents And Taxpayers

Congress last year secured a significant increase in the IRS’s enforcement budget over concerns about how those funds would be spent on backseat taxpayers. Proponents of ever-increasing IRS enforcement funds are quick to assure compliant taxpayers that they have nothing to worry about, but those assurances are betrayed by IRS actions. The $80 billion budget […]