Winter Tries To Claw Its Way Back Into US

Potentially damaging cold weather is returning at the end of April, ruining everyone’s fun and happiness as per freaking usual. Forecasters warned Thursday that preventative action should probably be taken to protect plant life, vineyards, orchards and more as Mother Nature is set to throw frost across the Midwest and Northeast at the end of […]

Oklahoma AG sues natural gas companies over winter storm price hikes

Oklahoma’s Republican Attorney General Gentner Drummond filed a lawsuit Wednesday against two Texas-based natural gas companies for their roles in soaring gas prices during the 2021 winter storm Uri. The lawsuit is the first brought by the state against a natural gas utility over profits made during the storm, filed in Osage County, Oklahoma, by […]

Canada’s Mild Winter Disrupts Key Ice Road To Remote Arctic Diamond Mines

Climate change has pushed the world into record-hotter territory in 2023. Toronto: Canada’s unusually warm winter this year has delayed the opening of a 400-kilometre (250-mile) ice road that Rio Tinto, Burgundy Mines and De Beers rebuild each year as the main conduit to access Canada’s diamond mines. . remote arctic region. The Winter Road, […]

London Zoo welcomes second western lowland gorilla birth this winter

London Zoo’s newest endangered baby gorilla is more than six weeks old but still doesn’t have a name. Zookeepers don’t even know if it’s a male or female because they weren’t close enough to see it. A photo taken Monday by The Associated Press shows why. Gorilla mother Effie holds her baby in her loving […]