Wired publishes gushing piece on Pete Buttigieg

wired piece It featured an interview with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, blaming the politician for his extraordinary intelligence. The subheading refers to Buttigieg’s “voluminous mind”, the first line of the puff piece suggests that his mind “retains many of its functions in reserve”, and the second paragraph mentions Buttigieg’s “many of its functions […]

ChatGPT wired into Boston Dynamics’ robodogs: ‘game changer’

These dogs are barking for sure. Machine learning experts have successfully integrated ChatGPT into Boston Dynamics’ famous RoboDog, a high-tech product recently deployed by both NYPD and FDNY. Techie Santiago Valdarrama integrated this program into a yellow and black four-legged bot. This was done as a way to augment the “automated missions” that the robots […]

Wired reporter booted off Twitter for distributing Matt Walsh’s hacked materials; Walsh says ‘a Twitter suspension is going to be the least of his problems’

Wired’s left-wing senior reporter has been kicked off Twitter for distributing content from conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s hacked account. Walsh indicates that Twitter bans may be the least of reporters’ concerns. what is the background? It was revealed on Tuesday that Walsh was allegedly hacked by an individual who calls himself “Doomed” through a process […]

Comer Asks Biden Associate Who Wired Cash to Family to Sit for Interview

According to Friday’s letter obtained by Breitbart News, Robinson Walker, the Biden family business official who received the Chinese cash and sent it to the Biden family, was sent to House Observation for a transcribed interview. I was ordered to appear before a committee. Through Walker, the Biden family business received $3 million in wire […]

Wired Magazine Gives ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Bad Review Over JK Rowlings Transgender Views

Some gamers have criticized Wired Magazine after reviewers gave Hogwarts Legacy a negative review for the author’s opinion on transgenderism. Reviewer Jaina Gray says, review By addressing J.K. Rowling’s past comments on transgender individuals and policies. Gray criticized the game for being “rooted in anti-Semitic tropes” and argued that there was no good reason to […]