Man sought for killing of NYC sex worker arrested in Arizona: police

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IN Car Wash Worker Sprays Customer Who Tossed Drink at Her

A teenage car wash worker in Indiana is getting all the attention for taking action after encountering a rude customer. Anna Halicki, 18, was just carrying out her duties at work when the incident occurred on February 3rd, using a powerful water hose. new york post report Thursday. video clip show A young woman in […]

Wisconsin Pizza Hut Worker Kills Manager over $7,000 Inheritance

A Wisconsin Pizza Hut employee is accused of murdering his manager over a $7,000 inheritance check and leaving his body in the restaurant’s trash can, local authorities said. Days after store manager Alex Stengel showed off a newly cashed check to co-workers, employee Kavon Ingram allegedly killed him and forced his body into a trash […]

Teen car wash worker sprays rude customer with pressure hose

After a customer throws a drink on him, a teenage car wash worker decides the best way to get revenge is with wet pressure. Anna Halicki, 18, became an online sensation when she sprayed water from a powerful hose through the open window of a rude customer’s car while working at a car wash in […]

Tesla Worker Killed in Crash May Be First Official ‘Full Self-Driving’ Fatality

Evidence suggests that Tesla’s advanced driver assistance system, Fully Self-Driving (FSD), was engaged in the fatal 2022 crash that killed Tesla employee Hans von Ohain in Colorado. ing. If this proves accurate, Tesla employees could prove to be just that. First fatal accident caused by Elon Musk’s “self-driving” software. of washington post report On May […]

SpaceX fined by Washington regulators after worker suffers ‘near amputation’

Lightning struck the launch facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday, delaying a SpaceX launch. (@LabPadre, via Storyful) Washington state occupational safety officials fined Elon Musk’s SpaceX company $3,600 this month after an accident at one of its facilities reportedly resulted in a “near amputation.” Inspectors with the Washington State Department of Labor […]

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Fined After Worker Suffers “Near Amputation”

SpaceX did not respond to Reuters’ questions about either incident. Washington: U.S. labor safety officials this month ordered Elon Musk’s SpaceX company to pay $3,600 after an accident at its site in Washington state resulted in a “near amputation,” according to inspection records reviewed by Reuters. fined. A Reuters investigation late last year found that […]

SpaceX fined for ‘near amputation’ suffered by worker, records show

U.S. labor safety officials this month fined Elon Musk’s SpaceX company $3,600 after an accident at its site in Washington state left him with “near amputation,” according to inspection records reviewed by Reuters. It is said that he did. a Reuters survey Late last year, Musk’s rocket company was found to have ignored worker safety […]


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