Scores of looters swarm gas stations and wreak havoc in America’s most violent city

Scores of thugs stormed two Memphis gas stations over the weekend, stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and destroying property. Looters also crashed a 53-foot FedEx semitrailer and stole multiple packages. Former District Attorney Amy Weirich suggested last year that Memphis would move in this direction if Steve Mulroy, a Democratic professor who specializes […]

Closed downtown LA freeway to wreak havoc on morning commute

Southern California transportation officials are asking people who need to travel to and around downtown Los Angeles to “plan your morning commute well in advance, work from home if possible, or take public transportation.” I am calling on you to do this. Monday morning’s commute was cut short by many who live, work and visit […]

Pirates wreak havoc on San Francisco Bay

Residents of houseboats and yachts in San Francisco Bay are warning of an increase in piracy by looters who plunder and plunder personal watercraft. “The open coastline, [Oakland-Alameda] The estuary is littered with sunken and derelict ships, and crime has risen to truly intolerable levels,” former harbormaster Blok de Lappe said at the San Francisco […]

Sunday shows preview: Hunter Biden gets special counsel; Maui wildfires wreak havoc; 2024 nears

Following this week’s special counsel appointment, along with the devastating wildfires in Hawaii and the looming 2024 Republican presidential primary, Hunter Biden’s federal and House investigations will be announced this weekend on Sunday. Likely to be the focus of news programs. Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss was appointed special counsel Friday by Attorney General Merrick […]

Why flight delays, heavy traffic could wreak havoc during the July 4th weekend

After a week of turbulent conditions that caused thousands of flight delays and cancellations, millions of travelers are expected to board planes this weekend ahead of Independence Day. Experts say the majority of air travel will take place this weekend through next Tuesday, with Friday being the busiest, with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) planning […]

Gale winds, torrential rain wreak havoc on parts of North Dakota

Severe storms wreaked havoc in parts of North Dakota this week. KFYR-TV reported Wednesday night’s storms destroyed homes near Selfridges in south-central North Dakota. Brothers Arlyn and Will Rand told police that a straight line of wind had destroyed their home and rained about 3 inches in 20 minutes. The brothers were thrown across the […]

AI ‘deepfakes’ poised to wreak havoc on 2024 election: experts

An onslaught of high-quality AI-generated political ‘deepfakes’ has already begun ahead of the 2024 presidential election, and big tech companies are unprepared for the disruption, experts say in The Post told to With the rise of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and photo-focused Midjourney, fake images and videos of events that never really happened, from […]

Migrant Smugglers Wreak Havoc on Texas County Highways near Border

Law enforcement officials in Zavala County, Texas, had their hands full during the first 10 days of April with high-speed chases, vehicle crashes, and related private property damage resulting from immigrant smuggling operations. A small sheriff’s office in a county 30 miles from the Rio Grande River said he was involved in 24 such incidents […]

Masked, hooded teen mob caught on video trashing NYC restaurant, flipping tables and chairs — then quickly leaving ‘with no money, no nothing, just to wreak havoc’

A mob of masked and hooded teens stormed into a New York City restaurant last weekend, completely vandalizing the place, upending tables and chairs, and quickly leaving after about a minute. said one city official. Detail is? Tony Hu — Manager of Fish Village in College Point, Queens — told WNBC-TV Just before 8:30 p.m. […]