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Joe Biden’s Xenophobia Remark Sparks Controversy: What The Word Means

The White House defended President Joe Biden’s remarks. US President Joe Biden recently came under fire for calling India, Japan, Russia and China “xenophobic” countries while talking about the US’ reputation for welcoming immigrants. This has led many to wonder what exactly “xenophobia” means. What is xenophobia? Xenophobia means fearing or hating people from other […]

US Steel xenophobia is precisely how not to compete with China

I was puzzled last month when President Donald Trump’s former Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross felt compelled to strongly support Nippon Steel’s proposed acquisition of U.S. Steel. Wall Street Journal feature article.At the same time, a bipartisan group of outraged U.S. senators condemned the transaction. Ross, a former CEO of a major steel company, presented […]

‘Utterly Disgusting’: Former GOP Rep Justin Amash Accuses Heritage Foundation Of Xenophobia

Former Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash on Thursday accused the Heritage Foundation of xenophobia after it did not recommend accepting Palestinian refugees. Amash I took it Posted on Twitter to attack Heritage Foundation post to call The possibility of Palestinian resettlement in the United States is “certain suicide for Americans.” “as Palestinian Americans, I strongly […]

Train Karen accused of xenophobia against German tourists

A video of a woman yelling xenophobic abuse at a group of Germans on a New Jersey Transit train, telling them to “get out of your fucking country” has been caught online. The woman known on the internet as ‘Train Karen’ was fired from her job after her own abusive behavior went viral. Brianna Pinix, […]

Blue state governor defends deal with CCP-tied company, labels criticism ‘xenophobia’

Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has launched an all-out attack on the state’s Republican leaders to defend a private contract with an electric vehicle (EV) battery company with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There is. In a letter to Republican state Senate Minority Leader John Curran and other Republican state lawmakers this […]

Kill American ‘Xenophobia’ by Importing Migrants

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire billionaire and head of immigration for the Bloomberg News empire, says President Joe Biden should break the public’s anti-immigration sentiment by introducing immigrants into American jobs. “By going one step further, [Biden] Strengthen the economy, support cities, deal a blow to xenophobia [emphasis added] and the candidates who will promote it” […]

Top Mexican diplomat: US elections ‘will fuel the flames of xenophobia and racism’

Mexico’s new top diplomat, Alicia Barcena, has warned that upcoming US elections will “fuel the flames of xenophobia and racism”. Barcena, who was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador last month, laid out the challenges ahead. in the editorial Published in the Mexican daily El Unizal. He said Mexican diplomats […]

TikTok Executive Claims Platform Ban Motivated by Xenophobia

TikTok executives have argued that xenophobia and fear are the motivations for banning the Chinese-controlled platform. After TikTok chief executive Shou Zi Chew testified in Congress on Thursday about a possible ban, the company’s chief operating officer, Vanessa Pappas, said the hearing was “rooted in xenophobia.” I wrote on Twitter that I felt it. “We […]

Americans are to blame for fentanyl smuggling, ‘xenophobia’ stops border reform, says Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat) blamed mostly Republicans and Americans for the recent problems at the U.S.-Mexico border, blaming the rise of fentanyl across the border. said the Americans were to blame. in an interview with MSNBCDemocrats also accused the Republican side of “xenophobia” of stifling border policy reform. In her Twitter video post, […]