Glenn Youngkin talking to prospective donors about possible 2024 run: sources

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has not only told his confidant that he is reconsidering his 2024 presidential bid, but has also been meeting privately with potential donors, “if we see a way.” A source told On the Money that he has been told he is ready to join the campaign. According to one source, the […]

Glenn Youngkin ‘Reconsidering’ 2024 White House Bid

Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is “reconsidering” running for the White House in the 2024 election, Axios reports. Earlier this month, Jonkin said he would not run for president “this year,” leading many to speculate that he may have dropped the possibility of running for president. As reported by Breitbart News: “No,” said Yonkin wall […]

Glenn Youngkin Releases Nationally-Themed Ad as GOP Primary Heats up

Glenn Youngkin (R., Virginia) on Monday released a political ad focused on “America’s Future” and national themes as the Republican presidential primary field began to take shape. Jonkin said he had no plans to run for president “this year.” liberated A one-minute video released Thursday highlights some of the remarks he made last week at […]

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin takes steps to track fentanyl use through wastewater surveillance

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed an executive order to strengthen the state’s fight against the fentanyl crisis. The executive order directs Virginia state agencies to take 10 steps to combat the drug crisis, including developing a wastewater monitoring plan. Since the pandemic, more Virginia residents have died from drug overdoses than from vehicle and gun-related […]

Gov. Youngkin says diversity, equity and inclusion has ‘gone off the rails’

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin said the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion were laudable a decade ago but have since “derailed” and “take on a new mission.” said. Youngkin spoke to reporters on Monday at a ceremony bill signed outside the Richmond Government House, declaring “DEI is dead,” about recent comments by his chief […]

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin hosts event to ceremonially sign bill to fight antisemitism

Gov. Glenn Youngkin hosted an event Monday attended by leaders of Jewish faith and community, a bill supporters say will help Virginia better track and combat rising instances of anti-Semitism. formally signed. Virginia will adopt the definition of anti-Semitism used by the International Holocaust Memorial Alliance under a bill that takes effect July 1. The […]

Glenn Youngkin Reveals Whether He Has Presidential Ambitions ‘This Year’

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin announced Monday that he will not be running for president “this year.” Yonkin, who has been the subject of much speculation to enter the growing field of the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, Said The Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Baker said at a panel held by the Milken Institute that he […]

Glenn Youngkin Announces He Will Not Run for President in 2024

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (Republican) has put an end to speculation about a possible 2024 presidential election. “No” Yonkin Said wall street journal Editor-in-Chief Gerald Baker was asked if he would “dust off” his signature fleece vest, which has become known for his successful gubernatorial campaign. Instead, Youngkin plans to focus on the states elected […]

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin makes 2024 White House run decision

Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced Monday that he will not be wearing a hat in the ring in the 2024 presidential election. At least for now. When asked by Wall Street Journal editor Gerald Baker at the Milken Institute in Los Angeles if he would launch a White House campaign later this year, Youngkin […]