Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Baker Mayfield And His Wife Announce They’re Expecting A Baby Girl

My man Baker Mayfield!

of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and his wife Emily Mayfield (née Wilkinson) announced they are expecting a baby girl in April. The two announced the news in a joint Instagram post on Monday.

“We’ve been hiding a little thing,” the couple posted. “But we are so excited to share that our baby girl Mayfield will be joining our crazy crew in early April 2024!” (Related: Baker Mayfield leads Los Angeles Rams to victory in stunning comeback just two days before joining team)

In their Instagram post, Baker, 28, and 32 years old Emily poses for a photo on the beach in Tampa. In her hand, Emily held a set of ultrasound pictures. Plus, their dog Fergus was also sitting next to them on the sand.

The Instagram post also showed Baker wearing a hat with “Dad” branded on the front, while Emily stood behind her husband, looking at him. And their dog, a Goldendoodle Irish Setter, had a bandana wrapped around it that said “Big Brother Fergus.”

I always love watching stories like this and it makes me think of my own little baby, whom I love and adore.

And this story in particular makes me think about how great it would be if Baker Mayfield were your father. Not only is he rich, but we all know how wild Baker can get sometimes…his kids would love that kind of thing.

Congratulations, Baker and Emily! You guys are ruining the game right now!



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