Tanker Truck Carrying Thousands Of Gallons Of Fuel Goes Over Bridge In Ohio, Explodes, Driver Killed

A tanker truck carrying about 7,000 gallons of fuel went over a bridge in Macedonia, Ohio, on Saturday morning, causing an explosion that killed the driver.

The truck was traveling north on State Route 8 and attempting to merge onto Interstate 271 N when the driver lost control and ended up on the side of a bridge. according to To Cleveland News 8. Macedonia Police and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an accident at 9:15 a.m. The driver was pronounced dead in the crash, the outlet reported, according to the sheriff’s office. Macedonian Mayor Nicolas Molnar said there were other vehicles nearby, but no motorists other than the truck driver were injured. The Summit Metro Accident Team is currently investigating the incident, the paper said. (Related: Video showing aftermath of massive explosion after fuel tanker truck accident in Connecticut)

Diesel fuel from the tanker spilled into nearby Brandywine Creek, and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Macedonia and Twinsburg fire departments, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and the Macedonia Police Department are currently responding to the situation, the report said. . “We feel approximately 7,000 to 7,500 gallons of fuel ignited, and an EPA containment team is currently on scene cleaning up the mess as it occurs,” Molnar said.

A video posted on Twitter shows the aftermath of the accident, with the bridge underpass engulfed in flames and smoke. The I-8 to Interstate 271 N ramp is closed, as is I-8 southbound. The bridge will be closed to traffic during a safety inspection.



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