Taylor Swift Marks Pride Month During Chicago Concert — ‘Harmful’ Laws Putting ‘Queer Community at Risk’

Pop megastar Taylor Swift kicked off Pride Month by detonating what she called a “harmful bill.” This is a reference to a growing number of state laws protecting children from irreversible body modifications, sexually explicit drag shows, and other forms of extreme LGBTQQIAAP2S+ indoctrination. .

Swift was performing Friday at Chicago’s Soldier Field as part of her Eras tour, but paused to begin her Pride speech.

“You can’t talk about pride without talking about pain,” she says. “There are so many harmful laws now and in recent years that classify people as LGBTQ.[QIAAP2s+] And the queer community is at stake. It’s painful for everyone. All allies, all loved ones and all people in these communities. “

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Swift urged her fans to vote accordingly, even though her fanbase includes a lot of gay people.

“That’s why I always post, ‘This is the time for the midterms,’ ‘This is the time for the key primaries,'” she said, adding, “‘Are they supporters? They’re allies. Are they equality defenders? Do you want to vote for them?’

States, including Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana, have enacted laws and measures to protect children from irreversible transgender medical procedures, such as hormone therapy and genital transformation. there is

Some states have also banned drag shows where children are present.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican) signed the Parents’ Rights in Education Act to ban the teaching of radical gender ideologies and sexualities, including transgenderism, to public school children.

As Breitbart News reported, Taylor Swift recently cast a female-to-male transgender model as her romantic partner for the music video she shot for her album. midnight.

In recent years, Swift has embraced left-wing politics and awakened activism.

In 2020, she formally endorsed Joe Biden’s candidacy for the White House, contributing her immense star power and influence to her ticket to the Democratic presidency. At the time, Swift said abortion and gay rights were among her top concerns when choosing her nominees.

During the 2020 presidential election, Swift lashed out at then-President Donald Trump on social media. In one rant, she accused him of “fueling the fires of white supremacy” and warned that “the ballot will eliminate you in November.”

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