Taylor Swift Turned Down The Super Bowl For A Very Important Reason

Taylor Swift will not be performing at Super Bowl LVII, despite what rumors and headlines may have suggested.

Swift was indeed approached by Super Bowl officials several months ago, but turned down the offer as the famous singer refuses to perform her songs until she has finished rerecording each one of her first six albums, according to TMZ. Swift’s insistence to complete the rerecordings stems from a widely publicized battle she had with talent manager Scooter Braun, who acquired the rights to her music in 2019.

Swift was reportedly interested in performing live at Super Bowl LVII, but she’s facing some serious time constraints, according to TMZ. All hope is not lost however, for 2024, if she is able to complete rerecording her last four albums “Taylor Swift,” “Speak Now,” “1989,” and “Reputation” over the next year. (RELATED: Joe Burrow Played Through A Sprained MCL In The Super Bowl)

Braun and Swift got caught up in a tense dispute over the rights to Swift’s music and the legal ownership of her albums, all of which unfolded in front of the press. Swift left Big Machine Records, where her first six albums were recorded. Braun acquired ownership of that company, which meant he was in control of the majority of the songs she had recorded over the course of her career, according to Cosmopolitan.

Her efforts to buy back her own master recordings proved futile, so she resorted to rerecording each song on all six albums in order to secure her own copyright once again, according to the outlet.

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