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Teenage typing phenom hits insane 305 words per minute

At just 17 years old, “MythicalRocket,” or “Rocket” for short, achieved an astounding typing speed of 305 words per minute (WPM), more than seven times faster than the average person’s 40 WPM. This incredible speed allowed the high school student to type out the entirety of “The Hobbit” in under six hours.

Rocket’s journey began about 3 years ago when he realized he was unknowingly typing faster thanks to his gaming hobby. He started practicing on free typing websites like Monkeytype and Typeracer, typing random strings of words “as fast as he could” for 15 to 30 minutes each day. With dedicated practice, his speed quickly improved from 140 WPM to over 300 WPM.

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MythicalRocket computer input (MythicalRocket) (Kurt “Cyberguy” Knutson)

Breaking a World Record

In a video posted to his YouTube channel (@mythicalrocket), Rocket showed off his incredible typing speed of 305 WPM, leaving viewers in awe of his “insane” and “incredible” skills. He currently holds the world’s fastest typing speed record on Monkeytype at 15 seconds over 60 seconds.

To achieve these superhuman speeds, Rocket uses a high-tech Apex Pro keyboard, but admitted in an interview with PC Mag that when he initially switched keyboards, he “felt the slowest I’ve ever been” because he had to relearn muscle memory.

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Teenage typing prodigy achieves astonishing typing speed of 305 words per minute

MythicalRocket computer input (MythicalRocket) (Kurt “Cyberguy” Knutson)

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Future plans for Typing Genius

Despite his impressive achievement, Rocket believes that with more practice he can surpass 305 WPM. He plans to continue improving his record over the summer before he begins studying software engineering, where his superior typing ability will surely be invaluable.

Teenage typing prodigy achieves astonishing typing speed of 305 words per minute

MythicalRocket computer input (MythicalRocket) (Kurt “Cyberguy” Knutson)

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Important points about the cart

The typing genius’ meteoric rise proves that with consistent practice and starting early, extraordinary skills can be acquired. At just 17 years old, MythicalRocket has established himself as one of the fastest typists on the planet. His astounding 305 WPM video stunned viewers, with many finding his speed “insane” and “phenomenal.” Rocket plans to study software engineering, but has no signs of slowing down on his typing journey and aims to break even more records over the summer. With his dedication and natural talent, the potential seems limitless for this teenage typing genius.

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