Teens arrested after eating town’s prized swan and kidnapping its babies from protected pond: Police

In upstate New York, a trio of teens devoured the town’s beloved mother swan and stole a four-week-old baby on Memorial Day, police said.

The Swan Pond town of Manlius has been a safe haven for graceful creatures since 1905. This is where the townsfolk have long fed and cared for the swans, including the village’s owner, a deceased mother swan named Faye.

Associated Press indicated The swan’s importance is evidenced by the inclusion of the swan in the town’s website insignia and identity.

Manlius Mayor Paul Hollall Said“Swans have been part of this village for over 100 years…we are known for swans.”

Manlius Police Sergeant Ken Hatter I got it“Manlius Village is one of the only entities in New York City that has a license to house, maintain, own and transport them.”[ed], cannot be legally removed from its location. “

Between midnight and 3 a.m. Monday, Eman Hassan, 18, and two other teenage boys, ages 16 and 17, climbed a metal fence around the rim of the pond into the reserve. stole. report CNY Central.

Swan poaching is illegal in the state, but the teens later claimed they were “hunting”.

The three are said to have ambushed Fay, where the swan was building a nest, held him down, and beat him. It died without fighting or singing.

Police have suggested the boys took the dead mother swan back to one of their residences along with four other swans after Faye’s spouse Manny died.

“They took it to my aunt’s house and she prepared it,” Hatter said.

“The mother swan was eaten….I’m sorry, but that’s what they did,” Khoror said.

Manlius City Police Department announced Four stolen swans were found on Tuesday and placed in the custody of biologists tasked with ensuring the health and well-being of the village’s swans.

Two of the Cygnets were found with the two suspects at a store called “Black Friday Davins” in Shop City Plaza, Salina, where one of the teenagers was employed. The other two swans were at a mansion in Syracuse.

Three of the suspects were charged with third-degree grand theft, class D felony, fifth-degree conspiracy and third-degree trespassing, according to CNY Central.

The teens jumped over the fence to enter Swan Pond, known for its conservation of swans, but Hatter said, “They didn’t know it was a swan, nor was it a wild animal. I didn’t know it was actually owned by Manlius Village.” report New York Post.

Hoall said the swan “will be ours forever. And we will continue to do so. The public needs to know that this situation is not over. I hope to be back in good shape,” he said.

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