Tennessee mom holds home intruder at knifepoint after her child found him hiding from cops in her playroom, police say

A Tennessee mother says her family is still recovering from finding a home intruder in a children’s play area and holding him at knifepoint until police arrived.

Corey Conquest told WSMV-TV She said she saw a man come into the garage of her Greenbrier home on Linwood Drive on Friday, but searched the home and found no one.

An hour later, her 8-year-old daughter discovered the man hiding in the second-floor play area.

“She ran back downstairs screaming that there was a man upstairs,” Conquest said. “I thought it was the same guy because of what happened earlier in the day.”

Conquest took action to protect herself and her child.

“I immediately grabbed a knife to protect myself,” she continued. “He staggered down the stairs and I stepped to the bottom of the steps in the playground.”

She said she held the man at knifepoint for about two minutes until police arrived. They identified him as Charles Mann and told her that she had followed him twice on the same day.

Police said Mann has a lengthy criminal history for domestic assault, theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Conquest said her daughter was so traumatized by the incident that she has not been able to step into her room since.

“It’s not okay now after three days. But we’re just taking it day by day,” she explained. “We just sleep in the same room for as long as we need to. But no, I don’t feel safe at home right now.”

Mann is charged with aggravated theft and carjacking. He was booked into the Robertson County Detention Center in Springfield on a $40,000 bond.

Here’s local news about the incident:

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