Tennessee Woman Missing for Weeks While on Road Trip with Boyfriend Found

A Tennessee woman who went missing while driving with her boyfriend weeks ago has been found by authorities.

Nicky Alcaraz, 31, was last seen by a family friend on May 6 in Moriarty, New Mexico, Newsweek reports. report. A family friend picked up Alcaraz after police separated him from her boyfriend, Tyler Stratton, two days ago. Witnesses said the couple got into an argument at a rest stop on Interstate 40, where they saw Stratton punch her in the face.

Investigators said in their report that she had “red marks on her face and fingerprint marks on her arms,” ​​and that investigators “did not allow Mr. Stratton to avoid being beaten.” It’s because of the suppression,” he said. report. The mother of two told investigators that she also had bruises on her chest and back. Stratton told investigators that Alcaraz punched him in the face. Officers found both parties to be mutually militant. Alcalaz and Stratton had been drinking during the trip but did not inform the police officer driving the vehicle.

The details of the encounter with authorities at this rest stop are eerily similar to an incident involving authorities with Brian Landry and Gaby Pettit almost two years ago. Petite went missing during a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend. Her body was found strangled near Wyoming National Park, making Landry the prime suspect. Landry was later found dead from a self-inflicted gun, with a note saying he was responsible for the death. A month before she disappeared, Utah police pulled over the van due to an argument between the couple.

Instead of going home with friends, Alcaraz texted his sister Toni Alcaraz on May 8 that he was in Arizona on his way to California. Those were the last words Toni Alcaraz heard from her sister.

Alcaraz’s phone didn’t go through, but her car was picked up by a license plate reader near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Security cameras show Stratton selling cell phones at an EcoATM at a Walmart in Redding, Calif., three weeks after an eyewitness said she saw him punch Alcaraz. Eureka police found Alcaraz and arrested Stratton on May 30, three days after she showed up at Walmart, according to Reading Police. director.

Stratton had a current warrant for theft in Tennessee, KFOR report.

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