Texas Gov. Abbott says state will continue to send migrants to sanctuary cities until Biden acts on border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the state will continue busing migrants from the state to sanctuary cities until the Biden administration takes steps to secure the southern border.

Despite criticism from Democrats, Abbott said the bus plan brought much-needed relief to Texas border towns that are often overwhelmed by the number of migrants entering the country from Mexico.

“Texas will bus migrants to sanctuary cities until Biden secures the border,” Abbott wrote on X on Wednesday, adding, “Our mission will provide critical relief to border towns.” Stated.

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Asylum seekers line up in front of the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, USA, on September 27, 2023. The hotel was converted into a city-run shelter for newly arrived immigrant families. (Selcuk Achar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The governor said Texas bused more than 12,500 migrants to Washington, D.C. 25,000 to New York City, 20,000 to Chicago, 3,200 to Philadelphia, 7,400 to Denver and just over 1,000 to Los Angeles.

Officials in those Democratic-led cities have harshly criticized Mr. Abbott for sending buses full of migrants into their cities with little or no notice.

Mr. Abbott argued that so-called sanctuary cities can afford to disingenuously claim to welcome illegal immigrants without actually facing the influx that border towns face on a daily basis.

New York state has been particularly hard hit, with residents voicing their anger at city officials over the issue.

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Governor Abbott of Texas stands on the southern border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stands on the US-Mexico border. Texas is busing thousands of migrants to so-called sanctuary cities in an effort to provide relief to border towns and warn against the influx of illegal immigrants into the country. (Twitter/Greg Abbott)

In some cases, 94 years old Veterans were evicted from nursing homes that currently house immigrants for free.

“I felt terrible,” Frank Tammaro recently told Fox News. “Getting kicked out of the house is no joke.”

“It makes me angry to see the city giving away so much money and stuff. They pay taxes and then they get kicked out,” he added. “I’ve never received anything from the city. Or the state.”

The city is expanding support to help asylum seekers complete their applications, work permits and other programs as the city continues to grapple with the immigration crisis that has led to major budget cuts.


Texas has begun its own border enforcement measures, tightening border security and adding new state laws that increase penalties for people smugglers and criminals who operate stash houses, as well as tougher border barriers.

Fox News Digital’s Bradford Betz, Megan Myers and Teny Sahakian contributed to this report.



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