Texas high school delays graduation because just 5 seniors currently qualify for it

A small Texas high school decided to postpone its graduation ceremony after only five seniors qualified to graduate, possibly due to a severe senile epidemic.

In a mandatory meeting Wednesday night, parents of fourth graders who attend Merlin High School in Marlin, Texas, about 30 minutes south of Waco, will be attending the school’s graduation ceremony to give more students a chance to qualify. voted in favor of postponing until June.At the time of the meeting, 28 of the 33 seniors had not graduated. requirementsmainly due to poor attendance, missing credits, and poor grades.

It said the postponement of graduation “is part of a broader commitment by Merlin ISD to maintain high academic expectations and ensure student success.” statement I read some from the district. “The school district confirms its commitment to providing students with the resources and support they need, and we believe the new graduation date is a testament to this commitment.”

Superintendent of Education Dr. Darryl Henson reiterated that “Merlin ISD students will be held to the same high standards as other students in Texas.”

to attend high school DiplomaTexas students are required to earn 22-26 course credits and must attend at least classes to receive class credit. 90% at the time. In addition to earning credits, you must demonstrate your mastery of course content by passing proficiency tests covering Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History.

One student, Salvador Guerrero, insisted he had to pass a national exam in U.S. history to meet graduation requirements. The problem is that the test won’t run again until the summer. It’s unclear whether he’ll be able to take the exam by the new graduation date.

Another student, Seeja Williams, said she was short on elective credits, but Williams and students like her are doing so by taking crash courses before the new graduation deadline. It is believed that there is an opportunity to supplement the units. “It’s going to be really tough,” Williams said. “And it takes time.”

Alondra Alvarado, one of the five who have already qualified, seemed frustrated by the situation. “They told us it was unfair to have only five students on stage because of the students who didn’t meet the requirements,” she said.

While the prospects of graduating for most of Marlin High School’s 2023 class remain uncertain, the Marlin community wants to honor all students, regardless of graduation status, by holding a graduation-like ceremony at the local Baptist church. Held immediately. Elderly people and their families were invited to participate. “A grandma flew in from Mexico to see her grandson’s graduation, and you know these are moments to cherish,” said Brandlin Jones, one of the organizers of the event. rice field.

Marlin Community Holds Ceremony for 4th Year Students Following High School Graduation

It is unclear when the 28 students were informed that they were in danger of not graduating.Several parents He claimed to have received reports on April 17 that the children were “doing well.” “This is a catastrophic failure of leadership and accountability,” one mother said at a parent-teacher conference Wednesday.

The Merlin ISD voted last month to move to a four-day school week starting this fall. School district officials hope the shorter weeks will improve student participation and reduce absenteeism.

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