Texas man strikes, kills pedestrian who landed inside car; drives 38 miles with body in passenger seat: police

A Texas man hit a pedestrian, whose body crashed through a car's windshield and into the passenger seat, driving 38 miles to Jack in the Box with the victim's body still inside, police said. He was taken into custody on suspicion of driving.

According to the White Settlement Police Department, responding officers responded to a call for a welfare check around 11:15 p.m. Saturday night and found a car in the front end and windshield in the Jack in the Box parking lot. They said they found a damaged gray Kia Forte.

Officers also observed what appeared to be human remains in the passenger seat and immediately removed the driver, later identified as 31-year-old Nestor Joel Lujan Flores, from the vehicle and detained him. It has been reported.

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Nestor Joel Luján Flores reservation photo (white neighborhood police)

When emergency services arrived at the scene, the passenger in Flores' car was pronounced dead.

Police said Flores told authorities he believed he had hit an animal in Dallas and continued driving until he reached a parking lot, where he was taken into custody.

Police said Flores did not notify police or emergency personnel of the incident, even though he said he believed he had hit the animal.

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jack in the box crime scene

The White Settlement Police Department responded to a Jack in the Box on December 17, 2023 and found a gray Kia with damage to the front end and windshield and a body in the passenger seat. (white neighborhood police)

An alert was sent to law enforcement agencies throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area to determine whether their departments had received any reports of hit-and-runs or pedestrian accidents, but none had been reported at that time.

On Sunday morning, White Settlement Police received a notification from the Dallas County Sheriff's Office of an accident on the westbound service road of Highway 30 near Cockrell Road.

The sheriff's office told the department that human remains were found near the roadway that may match the remains of the victim recovered from Flores' car.

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police car lights

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The Dallas County and Tarrant County coroner's offices will work together to identify the victim.

Because investigators believe the accident occurred in Dallas County, the White Settlement Police Department turned the case over to the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

According to the investigation, Flores continued driving 62 kilometers from the scene of the accident until he stopped in a restaurant parking lot.

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Detectives said the impact was so severe that the victim's body fell through the windshield and lay in the passenger seat.

Flores' vehicle was seized for investigation and a blood test warrant was obtained pending test results.

He remains in custody on suspicion of drunk driving causing death, police said.

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The department added that Flores was previously arrested by the Plano Police Department in 2020 for DUI and was convicted of a similar offense in Collin County in 2021.



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